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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What should those people do who have committed pre-marital sex?

Assalam oalaikum,

There are many people who indulge in pre-marital sex. Most of them do it knowing well that it is a sin Islam. There might be only a few who are unaware about the Islamic laws regarding pre-marital sex. By the way, whoever has committed this sin, whether knowingly or unknowingly, should ask Allah (swt) for forgiveness because Allah (swt) is very merciful and pardons our sins. There are a plethora of cases in the present times where the girls are being taken for a ride by the boys, who promise them with marriage. The boys take advantage of the gullibility of the girls and have sexual relations with them. Once their lust fizzles out they leave the girls in a lurch.
I keep receiving a lot of mails in which the girls have got a raw deal at the hands of their so-called lovers, who proposed them and then left them after using them physically.
Such fraud guys keep the girls hooked for a long time, all the while promising them marriage and making lame excuses for the delay.
Many of the mails that I receive are from girls who are pinning their hopes on those fraud guys and crave for them to return. They become emotional about those crooks and do not want to marry elsewhere. They lose their virginity to those cheat lovers so they feel apprehensive of getting married to someone else, lest their beans get spilled. Allah (swt) says about such people in the Quran:

26Women impure are for men impure, and men impure for women impure and women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of purity: these are not affected by what people say: for them there is forgiveness, and a provision honourable.
surah noor chaptor no 24 verse no 26

The only way to repent of this sin is to ask Allah (swt) for forgiveness. Only then will the person get released from this life-long tension.
Allah (swt) says in the Quran:

16If two men among you are guilty of lewdness, punish them both. If they repent and amend, Leave them alone; for Allah is Oft-returning, Most Merciful.
Surah nisa verse no 16
So all of you, who are in love! Get married because this is an Islamic way. If you do not follow this way then satan will make you a sinner and your life will become complicated. A few moments of pleasure will ruin the happiness and peace of your lifetime. This is not a good bargain. So do not listen to satan who is your worst enemy and prefer to get married rather than having girlfriends.

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salma said...

aslam o alikum

i am going thrugh a islamic divorce from my husband, and the reason for divorce is that he drinks alcohol and takes drugs, and i am applying for the divorce through islamic shariya council.. and they have sent him two letters of divorce he is not responding to they letters, and mean time i am doing a islamic love spell for someone i know for past three years, and he said after the divorce hes gona marrie me, and as divorce is taking time i am having problums with this person the one i am doing love spell for 11 days, and i want to ask can i still do a islamic love spell for him to marrie me? while my divorce is still going through? i read five times namaz and with every namaz i am burning the mohabbat tawwez! and reading 300 times YA WADOODO, tasbeeh aswell. he is 35 years old and i am 32, please help that will help,, thank please reply back, i am really worried,

Anonymous said...

What happens if girl and her family turn away from the guy because he doesn't have wealth or a degree after they have committed pre-marital sex?

Anonymous said...

What if we got married to the same girl after pre marital sex

tauhid said...

I have problem with my wife and it is nearly for separation time. Can I get help. What to do and why this happening. We r married for 7 years and we have 2 kids. Please help.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah! I used your talisman of love and found it useful. But my father has refused to allow me marry the man I love, his reasons being we are not from the same ethnic background. Please advice me on what to do, I urgently await your reply. Jazakallahul khair!

Anonymous said...

I am on the point of getting divorced but i still love my husband. can you help me

Anonymous said...

Hi I need your help please I love someone a lot more than myself please tell me dua or something else plz so that he loves me as well please? I'm going through soo much pain he is ignoring me and its really hurts a lot plz I want him to talk to me and love me as well like I do. I can't read Quran!! Plz

Anonymous said...

am danjuma adams, please sir i realy need ur help on making some one love you. is a girl playing hard to get with me, pls i need somtin to make her fall for me

Anonymous said...

salams dear Brother
My name is Faheema, i live in Mozambique and i need your help.
there was a boy who wanted to mary me, he loved me for 3.5 years, but my father did not like this boy due to family issues of the past, each time this boy came to my house my father will not even greet him.

about a mount ago i spoke with my father, made him undestand that i really love this boy, he is a honest man, a religious person and for sure the right husband. than my father told me that if i was going to be happy with my choice he will no longer stand between us. i ask the boy to come and see my father.

boy told me that he was not coming because i made him wait for long and my father does not like and his feeling for me changed and he no longer loves me.
i know this boy for long enough to know that there is sometime wrong with him, now if i try to talk with him he stays very angry, he doesn't want to talk to me anymore.

please help me, i really love this boy, i read about your amal of 11 days, i know that if my intention are not good i must not do it, but they are very good Brother, i really want to marry him, i dont want to make him suffer or hurt him.

can i do this amal? the website does not allow me to print, is it possible for you send it to me.
i wanted to start doing tomorrow and i was going to fast as well.

i make dua every minute to Allah to bring him to my life.

jazakallah for reading this, please if you can help me.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum...
I love a girl n she also use to love me a lot. we informed our family but they r not ready bcoz our caste is different. she was ready to accept Islam. Now her family shifted her to village n I dont know what happen she don't even talk to me. I heard that her family is planning to get her marry with someone else. plz help me. whomever I am asking for help, they r asking for money.
I am very disturbed from last 1 year, plz help me.

Anonymous said...

I am a student pursuing engineering course.I wish to marry a girl sincerely after my engineering course.Can I use the amal of love to make her fall in love with me so that she readily agrees to marriage proposal?
(1) Even If I can use the amal of love there is a problem further.The girl I love is a non-muslim.Is there any amal to make her fall in love with me so deeply that she accepts islam for me.Sir please help me out in this regard.Any fee required for your help would be thankfully paid by me

Thanking you,

Anonymous said...

Hi i am in love with someone who is married. His wife is pregnant but me an him have a good friendship we known each other for over 5 years. I don't want to hurt his wife but i want him to be with me an marry me but stay with her is there any dua i can do to get him to stay with her and also love me please.

Anonymous said...

Well i have my girlfriend we have one son together and few months ago she told me that she dont love me anymore and she moved out of the house and she went to stay alone but we are not married we only have a baby together but me i still love her but she left me so how do i get her back cause even if i make amel she will not drink or eat anything because we are not staying together anymore and she can not come to my place anymore,

Anonymous said...

Amel sahib, i have been to many people and Roohani websites
And they have given me taweez and duas but nothing has worked for me.
I want u to with the name of Allah swt help me out, i love a girl and want to marry her
She likes me but doesn’t want to marry me.

kazim said...

plz do something for my love
hi i m kazim i love a girl . we r in relationship with a year . i dont know what hapen suddenly she started hiding me everything she toll me lie .. and now she left me for some other guy . i cant live without her . i will die if she dont come back in my life plz help me

Anonymous said...


I need your help to improve my relations with my girl friend whom I had very strong relations from August 2011.

Both of us are married and love each other badly. She is not happy with her husband after marriage and I was not happy with my wife after marriage.

We both were very depressed with our lives till we met each other.

Every thing was going very nice and since last 4-5 months she is backing up. She loves me but she has stopped expressing. She is

I want to improve my relations thru rekhi and need your help. I need her back like before.

she is my life and before I met her I had almost decided to kill myself as I was tired of this life. I had spent very nice time with
her and same with her also.

I cannot live without her and need your help to get our relationship strong like before.

I want her all mine.

Please help

Waiting for your response.


roheel said...

I want to marry this girl we where together before but not now
She doesn't even talk to me now and doesn't like me anymore I love her and want her to be my wife I want to marry her please give me the amel

Anonymous said...


I am in love with a married man I get over him. He has two children. What can I do? How do I do a amal? I don't know his mothers name. What works?

Anonymous said...

Asslam alikum,

My Name is fathima , am in need for your help, pls so help me, the person whom i love left me and this is not for the first time, he is not at all interested in getting married . but i want to marry him only, for this am fasting on thursdays and also reciting hajath. i found in this wazifa that the he have to drink that taweez water but am not in contact with him, no calls nothings. then wat should i do pls help. i really wats to this wazifa so i can get ma love back. ma wish is only this and i pray allah also to get him back.

awaiting for your valuable response.

Anonymous said...

I was in a relation with dis guy from last one year. I did a lot for him and his family. I never asked anything from, just to love me... his sister always asked for money from me. I helped her always...few days later she asked for cash again...I was short of cash so couldn't manage.... from that day her sister started telling so wrong about me to his brother.
She created a big misunderstanding between us.
He is .no more talking to me...not in touch at all. He don't even talk to clarify the things

Please help me. I love him a lot don't want to stay away from him
Please help

Anonymous said...


i have visited your blog and wanted to ask you a question .
its been 5 years since i met this guy on FB and we chatted for about 2 years (we never met) and then my parents stopped me from contacting this guy. During the period i never realised that i loved him, but after i stopped having contact with him,i really missed him and just couldnt stop having this feeling and then i realised i loved him. so after a while i contacted him again and then we chatted for about a while and then he asked me if i loved him, i said yes...but i dont think he took me seriously cause of his past his ex left him.
we stopped chatting for like six month's now...but i really do not know what to do, i cant confront my parents as i doubt they will ever except him, i tried forgetting him but i just cant.

would be grateful for ur help.


Anonymous said...

assalamu alaiykum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatahu,

I am 22 yrs old boy from Mumbai. By grace of Almighty Allah you have
been blessed with great powers and it is the duty of a muslim to help
his brother. With utmost faith I am writing this to inform you that I
am in love with a girl who is my (khala) maternal aunts daughter and
her age is 17-18. I am afraid to tell her about this but I know one
day Ill marry her and make her queen. The problem is she doesnt
believe in cousin marriage and there is no girl better than her to
become my wife plus my mother used to like her, I love her alot and I
care for her because her mother passed away 5 yrs back and her
financial position is also not good so please Amil sahab help me in
changing her thoughts and make her fall in love with me followed by
nikah I swear to Allah I will always love her.
plz help me Amil sahab.

priya said...

hi my name is priya my love we are in relationship from 7 years,
but now he tells he dont love me and he is going to marry other girl
i dont know whether the engagement or marriage date has been fixed

i want farooq shaikh to reject that girl, realise my love and come back to me,love me propose me for marriage and marry me with his heart and soul

will he come back?
will he love me and marry me?

please reply soon, very urgent less time, any time farooq shaikh may get engage ,
please help
will you help me?

Anonymous said...

I like one guy. Who likes me as friend. He said to me he never saw me in the other way. I begged him to change his mind. He said don't be desperate. Have some self respect & dignity. He said you only liked me not loved me. This happened about 2 months ago. But we are still friends. He is trying to move him self away from me by not keeping in touch. We both are in different medical schools. We live about 3 hours away. Also when I met him in December 2012 at mall for the first time. My mom got upset and called us both at my house. She started asking him questions, about his parents, his education, where he lives. Then that was the last day I met him in person. But we still talked over the phone for 2 years. Then I told him that I liked him. He said he does not like me more than friend and he also said your mom does not like me. That is true because my mom does not like because his parents are truck driver. My parents are business employees. My mom said to me you like a truck driver son?? Problems with family background. My parents never met his parents in person before. I don't know if he will change his mind in couple of years. Please help me I really this guy. My mom always gets upset if I call him. She says to me you still talk with that truck driver son? Also Sandeep is not on my side because he does not like me more than a friend. I don't have support from Sandeep because he does not like me more than friend and my mom does not like him because of his family background? There is one Hanfi ji in Pakistan who said he can help me but will charge $1000 dollars. He said he is going to send me a naqsh and the method how to use it? Also will be doing 3 day Hazrat Amal. Because since I am Sikh so I don't want to do any mistake. Also there is another Peer baba in London who said he can help me but he is going to charge 570 pounds and then after amilyat he is going to send me taweez. Please let me know what should I do to sort out this problem to change his mind and will naqsh or taweez help? Please let me know if you can help I look forward hearing from you soon!

Anonymous said...

Asalamu Alaikum

my name is Afreen i fall in love 2006 .I love him lot at till 2012 he loved me lot.than his parents not accepted me.than he change his mind by saying me that i wont marry you.He is saying that what ever you want to it please help me out that he should come again forward to marry me.coz him my parent said me to go out of home.i am staying in hostel .

Anonymous said...

i come to know at net.i have a problem.
year before i get a proposal and there was a cast difference.but i want to Mary that person .he used to talk me but after some time he get changed .he got some other girl and got married with her.
i want his mother to be cared.i want his parents should be cared by me. my intentions were true for him and i really did good for him.
but now i want that if he got divorce and marry me.can u help me?
waiting for reply

Anonymous said...

i m in love with one boy from past 4 years he has also started loving me but suddenly his ex gf came back n he left me i want him to be mine for life time and he is not replying me or talking to me please help and suggest me some wazifa which can help me to get him back and his love back i want him to get mad for me and see me every where and come back to me plzzz reply me ... im waiting for ur reply please do give a reply
Jazak Allah

Anonymous said...

as salaam
im married

i want to know is it fine to do this amal
we have somehow hurt each outher too much in our 10 years if marriage
and my wife is very harsh to me

it is partly my fault too

i just want another chance to have a blissfull life with her

after reading amal then leaving taweez over night do i just take taweez out and give her the water to drink
what do i do with the taweez

can we all dring the water or only her wife

vadiya said...

I love a boy we were dating frm 4 years but all of sudden he changed his mind and its been 2.5 yers he left me, we r not together, he has not talked with me since 2.5 yrs, i want him back bcoz i truly love him , i cant tell u my condition i tried a lot to forget everything, my past but i m failed.
i couldnt strat a new life and really i cant ......
i dont know wether is he married or....not...
dont know...
can u help me by any way plz ...

sundas said...

Aoa, i want to inquire about talisman of love on your blog please guide do i have get a new print everytime to burn it after each namaz? Please help me out.. And for surah falaq if i cannot make the other person eat something is it possible i blow it on phone or his picture? As he lives in another city.. Please guide me
Waiting for ur reply

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I want to marry with my girlfriend, she is also willing to marry but resistance with me is that father of my girl friend is not willing. This is big problem for me because every one is willing except her father. Therefore, kindly provide me solution/taweez/loh/istakhara for that, I shall remain ever thank full to you for such kindness.

irshaad said...

Salam amel
My name is irshaad I am reading your blogs about Amal infact my intentions are pure n serious I need to fall in love with a girl that is not in my home town by the begging of April which Amal do u recommend that will work by mid April jazallah

As I need to make Nikkah to her by 14 April
Please can. U get back to as soon as possible jazallah .

Anonymous said...

Salaam, I hope you are well. my friend has used your service before and she said u have helped her so i am hoping you help me too. My issue is a few years ago i met this boy at work and we had a relationship and we were happy and then his wife found out and we had to break up. There has been other issues and problems and disagreements also. My family have found out and now giving me taunts i want him back please can you help me and do something that will bring him back asap.

I know you are busy but i know you have the knowledge to do this so please help me.

I wait ur reply.

alizba said...

Asalam wale qum,

I am looking for a amal since i love a boy and all of a sudden he starts to hate me after telling his parents about me.

The boy could not stay without even talking to me and now his family has destroyed my relationship. Please help me urgently.

Anonymous said...

i love a girl we were in relationship for more than 1 and a half year now her friends and mom changed her mind to leave me
plz give me some wazifa to bring my love back...

Anonymous said...

Salamu Alikum

My Name is Hafiz I am Froom Afghanistan I Love one Girl and She also Love me But My Parents Don't Want i marry with my Love Mostly my father not want

I Need For Your Help Give me a taweez for my Parents to accept my love marry

Thank you i need you helpful

Anonymous said...

Hello :)!

I'd have a taviz from you, but I wonder where you live?

I wonder if you can do a taviz to me of love.

If I love someone and that person doesnt love me. Can you make a

taviz to me so that he too begins to love me?

Can you give garanti that taviz gonna work?

How much does it cost to make taviz?

rabia said...

Salam i was looking at your website.i have a question.can i do the surah falaq amal with and print the taweez to bring back love between my husband (who walked out on me and my two children earlier this year)and myself.many thanks jazakallah.rabia.

Anonymous said...

Let me explain my problem.

I am an Indian Hindu and i love a girl from Christian Religion. once we informed our relationship to Girl's home. After informing they send her to her Native which is kerala(very famous place for back magic), She contacted after 2 months when she was in kerala and told that she was in christian retreat center for a week and she asked me to come to her native to pick her. But some how their family member come to know and again they put her in retreat center. It happened a Year Back. After that no contact from her, i don't know where she is.

I am not able to come out of her, i want to marry her and i want to live with her life long. I feel like they did some black magic to her.

Below are the full details of both of us. Kindly help me to marry her.

nafis said...

assalamo alaikum bhaijaan..

I am NAFIS I from dumka, jharkhand, India.
i am facing a lot of difficulties regarding my marriage. i want you to show me the right path. i read the questions and answers on your site.
let me tell about my case in details.
there is guy, who used to teach me during my college days. My parents approached his family for marriage in 2011. but they did not give any firm answer and wanted time. we waited as all my family members liked this guy. meanwhile i had conversations with him over phone and i came to know that he likes me. with time i fell in love with him. now his family has clearly said no to this match. the guy says he cant go against his family and is neutral. though he has liking towards me but his feelings are not intense. but somehow i cant imagine my life without him. now i want a solution to this so that everything falls on the right track. can you help me with the amal? i dont know his mother's name.

please respond to me as soon as possible..
thank you

Saira said...

Dear Sir,

This is Saira. I want you to please pray for me.

Sir, I'm involved in man who is already married with two kids. In beginning he was just in a good contact with me. He was my colleague. I had great respect for him in my heart as he was known like a good natured person in surroundings. I never thought of marring him or having such a relationship with him. But one day he himself proposed me & I asked him about his first wife. He told me that , that was his arranged marriage & he does not love his wife but he cant divorce her but he wants to marry me too as according to Islam he is allowed to marry a second woman because I'm the only girl who he has ever felled in love. Further he promised to convince his family on it. As I had respect & good image of him in my mind I accepted his proposal & also clarified him that I have no problem with his first wife & I ll accept him with all his family.

After that he stayed in contact with me for 5 months always intimating me that he loves me...till time he had not shared it with his wife because he said he need about a year to convince his parents first & than he ll share it with his wife.

Before a month, it happened that his wife came to know about his contact with me..& after that he has finished all contacts with me & he said in his last text that he cant marry me because his family is not allowing him. Im requesting him still to not leave me now but he is not replying me. he has blocked my contact numbers & not replying my emails. I don't know either he is receiving my emails or not.

Sir, it is very difficult for me to forget that person.In my every prayers In my all day I always pray Allah to please bring him back to me. I also pray Allah that if that was not his true love than put a true love in his heart & make him realized that he is not doing good to me. I did
Sir,I request you please do a wazifa or dua to bring him back in my life. I'll b very grateful to you.

Please do something to bring him back. I promise you if I got married to him I ll accept him with all his family. I ll love his children & ll be very cooperative to his wife.

I have also attached some of his pictures.

Please do something as I believe some persons are close to Allah & Allah makes anyone a wasila for others.


humaira said...

Salam brother ,

I was just reading your post , and I just had a couple questions . Is it possible that I make my own taweez instead of going to someone ? I want to write
Sura al-Falaq and Sura an-Nas on a piece of paper and then make a necklace and put it around my neck . I've just really sick for the past months and not getting any better .

Anonymous said...

Salam.. i want some help from u and personal talk form u plzz. Everything
was going well nd by chance i had a mistake he said me itz ok. But i dunt what happend nd he left me nd ignore me so much or humsha yehi bolta hai ke hmara future nai hai ek sth i dunt why:'( but i think so that unk frind nai chahte ke hum ek ho isliye misunderstanding or un pr kis ne kch krwa diya hai and he just broke all ties with me. I love him a lot nd a lot nd i cannt live without him :'( and can you tell me any wazifa to do for him to come back in my life and things to be normal :'( Plz help me em so much worry
Can you please tell me any quranic verse that can help my love problem. i try hard to forget her but cant. i want to marry with him. will u plz give me any solution that he come back nd feel ehsas to him.

Razia said...

Assala walaikum bhai,

My name is Razia from India, i am in love with khan and i want to marry him and i need him and his love for a life long.i cannot imagine my life without him, He also love me but unfortunately i dont know what happened he is saying that, his parents will not accept for marriage.He is very good person but he want to do friendship with me and i told him i can't do friendship with him because i love him and i want to marry him .i read your website to about drinking water, but i cannot reach him now, can you please solve my problem bhai.

Anonymous said...

:) a salam.
I just read your love spell about soaking the paper of Surat al falaq. I just wanted to know if there was a way I could do it without making him drink the water. You see I'm in Arlington TX USA, and he's in Utah Salt Lake City. I really wnat a way to cast a love spell on him and make him love me, but I want it to be simple and easy like this spell you had on your blog. If there is another way to do it with the quran pleas help me and tell me how to do it. Pleas help me :)

I'll remember you in my preyers :)

Sidhartha said...

Dear Sir,
Salam ailekum.Myself Sidhartha.I am madly in love with
a girl Her friends are creating some
misunderstanding between us.As a result of which she vacillates her
opinion often about loving me.Kindly tell me what should I do.I really
love her &I want to marry her.

Anonymous said...

Salam. Can i ask how to use rhe talisman for love? It should be printed or can i write it? After that i will burn? In 11 days, i will write and burn after i pray? Please reply.

mussarat said...

i want to do this amal of taweez which is named by mohabbat tilsim please inform me if i do it as u tell in article by print it and then burn it writing the name of his .please guide me properly ,
my name is mussarat .
thanks ,waiting for ur reply,

Shafin said...

Assalamo alaykum,
I am Shafin from Gujarat, India. I have gone through your blogspot regarding "love spells in islam".
Firstly, I ll tell you my story. I am in love with a girl who does not live in India. We are very good friends since many months. I want to take my relationship further and want to marry her. I have tried to know her views about me and I feel she maybe not feeling the same for me as I am feeling for her.
So when i went through your blogspot I saw this talisman of love and I thought of using it to get her to marry me. My intentions are absolutely pure and honest and my commitment is lifetime.
I wanted to ask you if I have to take a print out of the talisman or I can myself write it on a piece of paper with saffron and rose water and use it. Secondly, if permission of yours is required for using it, Please grant me permission for the same.

Thank you in anticipation,
May allah give you more progress and Ilm to serve the religion.

Anonymous said...

A.a i ve seen wazifa of Ya wadudoo on your website "lovespellinisllam" i want to know that from what time and day this wazifa can be started ? thank you

Anonymous said...

i love a girl for 5 years now and now another boy clais that he loves her. the girl is unable to decide whether to choose me or the other boy.
i am doing tilsim of ilm mohabat.
is there any help you could bring?

Anonymous said...

I am doing mohabbat tilasim how long it will take to work . does it has to be done with azan .66 is not Allah no.
some one hurt me very deeply is there any amel to destroy his family life.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualikoum bhai
I'm really happy to come across your site.
I have some problem.
I have loved a boy we were in loved with each other.
But now he left me.
This year we were about to engage because we don't want haraam relationship
But there is a girl who control that boy mind he makes that boy fall in love with her.
She attract that boy by her body now my relationship break up.
I wanted to make that boy hate her n separate each other
Please suggest me a strong wazifa.

Monir said...

Salam Brother,

I was reading your amel and think that those are very useful. I want to try " talisman of love" and want to burn that writing. Before that I want to know one thing- if start that Amel then until she return to me I can not stop and think to marry any other woman ? even after 11 days or more ? Is that what you mean ? Because you said I have to sure on that. Brother, I am adamant to marry her no matter what, Inshallah.

I am saying this because she stop contacting me since almost last four months except that she sent me a birthday wish on few days back. So please suggest me. I already printed that talisman but not yet started because I need your advice.

Do I need to write our full names and mother's full name or short name is okay ( as I write above)

Because she is female and I want to marry her. We know each other for long and was planning to marry last Nov.

Please note that I already started your other Amel - reciting Ya Wadudu 300 times. But I want to do the above one to get fast result.

If you do not mind in sharing your phone then it would be much appreciated. I am really helpless.

Please kindly advise me. I am eagerly waiting to hear from you.

Jajakallah. May Allah bless you.

Monir said...

Salam Brother,

I was reading your amel and think that those are very useful. I want to try " talisman of love" and want to burn that writing. Before that I want to know one thing- if start that Amel then until she return to me I can not stop and think to marry any other woman ? even after 11 days or more ? Is that what you mean ? Because you said I have to sure on that. Brother, I am adamant to marry her no matter what, Inshallah.

I am saying this because she stop contacting me since almost last four months except that she sent me a birthday wish on few days back. So please suggest me. I already printed that talisman but not yet started because I need your advice.

Do I need to write our full names and mother's full name or short name is okay ( as I write above)

Because she is female and I want to marry her. We know each other for long and was planning to marry last Nov.

Please note that I already started your other Amel - reciting Ya Wadudu 300 times. But I want to do the above one to get fast result.

If you do not mind in sharing your phone then it would be much appreciated. I am really helpless.

Please kindly advise me. I am eagerly waiting to hear from you.

Jajakallah. May Allah bless you.

Danish said...


Respected brother,

My name is Danish and I reside in Mumbai, I'm in love with a girl nand we had an affair for around 1 and half years, I asked her a lot many times in that period of time to marry me but she kept on delaying it. We used to stay together in Ahmedabad and then later on in March this year she went to Jaipur for work and I came back to Mumbai. Since she's in Jaipur, she is avoiding me and saying that she don't want to be with me but my dear brother I'm telling you the truth that I love her a lot and I'm unable to forget her. I'm losing weight everyday and I'm in depression and I think I will die soon. I need your help if you can help me to get her back and marry me please my brother I request you.

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