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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Does Islam permit going around with one’s fiancée or a non-mehram

Assalam oalaikum,
Islam does not allow free mingling of the opposite sex and also does not permit going around with a non-mehram or a fiancé.
Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) says that, ‘Do not leave girls and boys alone because satan is always on the prowl”.
Watch this video
These days it is quite common to go out on a date. Girls and boys freak out and spend time together. In some cases the boys try to woo the girls or else they may try to paint the town red with an arm candy besides them. Whatever the intention but Islam does not permit this type of freedom. It is satan who entices the youngsters to do all this but they do not understand. They feel that all this is the in-thing and they should also be doing it to be considered hip in their social circle. Watch this video also.
As far as choosing their future spouse is concerned Islam allows it. The girl and the boy can meet but the girl should have a veil.
If the girl has to meet the boy then she can do so and talk to him also. However the boy’s family should also be present. Islam also allows meeting more than once but within the purview of Islam. Meeting the future spouse is allowed in Islam so that the girl and the boy can make up their mind whether they approve of each other.

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Anonymous said...

Dear amel,
Please help me. I love this boy who does not love me back. I want a strong taweez that will make him love me and I want it easy. I mean I just want to have to wear the taweez around my neck. Can you please help me? I saw your post about the taweez on love but that one is too hard for me. Can you please make easy but effective one? And also can you make it very strong so it works right away. I desire to marry this boy as soon as possible.
Waiting for your reply.

Anonymous said...

Sir I want to tell you that i Iove some one and sir she loves me a lots but sir problem is that she has one bother and he is my close friend and currently he lives in UK and got marriage there but when he got information that I love her sister and want to marry then he disagreed sir the request which I want to do you sir i want to do Istikhara that by this istikhara i want to get guidance of Allah subhanho wata alla that marrige will be possiable or not because of her bother is disagree i dont know that why he is disagree me while her mother and my family all are agree so sir kindly help me

Anonymous said...

assalam wailakum amel sahab.
please help me. i love a girl and want to marry her as soon as possible.Before she was completely ready for marriage.but then her family did some black magic on her and she broke all contacts with she even doesn't like to see me or talk to me.For last one and half year, i am seeking forgiveness from Allah subhan o tala , for my past mistakes.I am is so much pain.
I am offering namaz regularly.for which i think the black magic effect which was on me also, is no more on me.but for her i could not do anything because i cant meet her.Please tell me a way to marry her.I cant marry anybody else, i cant do suicide as it is haram also i have responsibilities to my i cant can i live with this pain?hope you can understand my situation.Allah also says : "marry the woman of your choice...".

please tell me a quick effective and guaranteed solution within the shariyah of islam.because i fear Allah.
May Allah bless you with esteemed place in jannah.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brothers......
Like many other people I am contacting you because I need help.

I met a person whom I am in love with, I completed Istikhara and in my dream I saw Green Grass and saw my sister both of us were very happy there were also baby rabbits in my dream, i was told it was a good dream.

Me and him were very close then one week he asked me if I would marry him and the next week he got angry with me and since then he tells me he loves me but we have grown apart.

Brother other than that he is an married man but did love me we were also supposed to go to hajj together i had no issues with being a second wife.

now what has happened he isnt speaking with his mother they believe his wife and her family have done magic on him.

I speak to his neice, nephew and sisters who want me to marry him but he is distant.

Brother i want him back, I want to be married to him, CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME. I don't have bad intentions i don't want him to leave his first wife but his family do want her to go, they dont love him as far as his mother and sisters are concerned they are using him for his money please do dua and help all of us inshallah.

Please tell me if i can pray something too.

If Iam wrong and should forget him please advise me like a brother.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Anonymous said...

salam brother...
i need taweez for my fiance to come back to me... can u please help me... i dont speak urdu or arabic... i cant read quran

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for your online "love Amal" What else can you help me with. I understand that an elderly woman loves me, she is a divorsee but she is finding it difficult to approach me. What pray can i do for her to open up and express herself.

I also love her.


Anonymous said...

i m facing a very big problem.....i like a girl and that girl likes me too. but her family wanted her to marry to a guy they choose for her where she did not agree. the day when her talk were fixed to that guy she called me at late night and crying....i tried to give her hope.where i miss her every day from morning to night.after i spoke to her last time at night wen she was not agreed for that guy.i didnt have any option.the only hope was ALLAH i had some dream in near days.that girl did not contact me for like 14 days even me bcoz i didnt knw wat to say.after all sudden i see tht girl with guy n she was happy with him.i got so confused.i tried to contact her but she was not ready to talk.and all people around her started hating me n now one was ready to talk to me.where i did not meet any1 after her talk were finalised. n after dat i can not live my life i dont feel going to my office i dont eat properly i dont go out i dont feel dressin up .every time i am in angry mood, thinkin what happen.i tried to forget that buy cudnt when ever i think about forgetting her i feel like how will i live. i tried to do istikharas where i see good dreams now i dont know what to do.i can not change my mind of thinking bout her. its been 2 months now. i dont knw where she is!! can u give some good opinion what shud i do! thnk u

Anonymous said...

Asalaam o alaikum sir,

I want to ask for your permission if i can use the 'talisman of love' amal to marry the guy i wish to be with.

Also i have a few questions, i would be grateful for your reply and answers,

isit permissable to use this talisman for a non-muslim with the sole humble intention that Allah tallah not only create love in their heart for us but also illuminate it with Allahs noor?

What are the things that we have to do strict 'parhez' from during this amal (what are the rules and regulations)?

If we are contacted by the person we are doing the amal for, are we allowed to talk to them or should we leave it untill after the amal is complete?

JazakAllah khair, look forward to your reply sir.

Anonymous said...

Hi salam!
in that web page u have mention to do this i want to know i have to burn this page in every namaz parayers??? or only in esha namaz?
also guide me for the person im doing this he is intrested in marrying me in true i also wanted to marry him as soon as possible
u can say we both r in love real one we dont meet that much we are having mashallah very decent relation with each other no physical at all.
i have told my parents abt him my parents r like agreed and happpy as well coz they want me to be in married happy life as the wish of the parents also i wanted to tell you he will also discuss with his parents soon inshallah abt our marrige i just want to give me some tips n also some f the WIRDH OR WAZEEFA which help in our mmarrige as soon as posssible i actully dont want any hurdel from his family side and as well as from my family side too my family is much happay mashallah i want same from his family as he told that his family is too good his mother is simple who wont create any hurdle

Anonymous said...

I'm at the verge of killing myself! My bf promised to marry me n left for Dubai now that he's gone to Dubai he has changed his mind! I just want him to loose his job n come back to me! I can't live without him! I will kill myself eventually

Anonymous said...

Brother I was in a relationship with a girl for 7 years and we both wanted to marry each other but the girls family didn't like me, yet the girl left her family for me and came to live with me we were stayed together for a little bit but her mom forced her to come back home and she went and we only used to speak on phone after that but now she doesn't even speak to me or she doesn't even want to know me, she tells me she wants to Marry a guy of her moms choice and wants me out of her life, how can she change so much in such less time? In short brother I want her back in my life and I think her mom has done some Taweez on her which is why she doesn't even speak to me anymore even when I hadn't done or said anything wrong to her. Can you please help me brother and find me a cure?

Anonymous said...

AOA Amel Sahab,

i want to know for doing tasleeman e love process in which we have to burn that taweez after every prayer, we should take new taweez every time like for eg we need 55 taweez for this 11 days process? secondly i want to know we can change place for burning taweez as i am not home all the time, so it will work if i burn it at different places?


Anonymous said...

I love this man him and I want get married soon, he is from USA and I am arabian, he is in the army but since we know each other he applied for early retirement , they approve it. He is coming soon, we love each other but I want u to do love spell for me, I want him to love me and be very faithful to me. Because I had bad marriage in the past, I want this love and marriage very successful this time please help me fast God bless you Amen.

Anonymous said...

Hello sir, I've just looked at your site and sounds good but I'm not muslim would it still work for me and if it can please tell me how do I do it

uzma said...


I have seen "Surah Falaq k taweez sae Mohabat ka Amal" on your blog. I want to ask Can I read this.

I want to marry a guy, we know each other since last 7 years and we have good family terms. he likes me too, but he do not speak to his family about me, because he belongs to a feudal joint family system, where usually no one is allowed to speak about their will of marrying someone especially if the other person is not from the same baradari.
his mother likes me too, but he dont even tell his mother about his will of marrying me. he care for me, my family likes him, and we respect each other's family.

Please let me know, Am I allowed to read this, and if yes, then what will be the procedure. I have to recite sura Falaq 10,000 times all at once, in one sitting, or i can read it in 2 or 3 days...?

I will be very thankful for your response and guidance.

umesh said...

Dear Sir,
i came across your blog through internet.
I have some friendship/love related problem.
So can you please help me?
I work in the field of Search engine optimization.But currently not having job.


Anonymous said...

the girl I love is called Richelle and her mothers name I am not sure. My work timing is not letting me do any of your amals. Please can u help me because I really love her and want to marry her. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I just read about making some one to love you . But what. I have lost someone who was loving me. He lives in another country. Pl suggest some Amal

sahar said...

I read about your talisman ,and just wondering if it actually worked on anyone ??? And the steps you mentioned is very confusing if you could please tell me the steps , you said to burn it then carry it for 11 days if you could please explain more ..

Anonymous said...

Aoa, i want to get married to the person I love but i cant see any chance right now, it seems impossible! please help me in this regard, i want your help in it! plz tell me any way

Anonymous said...

Assalamwalekum....i loved a girl n she loved me also.we both are muslims but we belong to diffrent diffrent cast,and she said her family will never allow to marry in other cast.but my family is agree n like that girl....nd now i want ur help please do sumthing for us,i like her becoz she is very religious, n offer the namaz regularly....plz plz plz give me sumthing like taweez or some dua,which can help me to making her e mail id is

sana said...


I am in need of your help of a taweezat for my loved one to fall crazy in love with me an to agree to marry me. We are both in a difficult problems because he's syed and I'm non syed an his parents wont allow him to marry a non syed. We are in love but hopeless about the future.I want him to be able to marry and go as I say. I Would also like to mention I want to be able to convince my parents and family to marry from my own choice which is the guy I am in love with. I would appreciate it if you could do something for me as soon as possible. I will help you as much as possible and give you all the information you need.

Jazak allah

Anonymous said...

I have problem in my love marriage I am already engaged to my czn and I love someone else so I want to know what will Happened???? plz plz help me

Anonymous said...

my name is syed adnan .i want to marry a girl name sariat sultana nova.i found you on the internet.i saw a love talisman on your block .can u do for me a love proposal from this girl.i want to marry her and i am get too afraid to tell her cause i really like her.i don't know her mother name or father age is 23

Anonymous said...

My names Asaf I'm from england and wish to ask if we can have a phone conversation if you are from the uk?
In regards to a situation which is very personal to me and about jinns.
If you can kindly email me a number on that I can call you and speak I'd appreciate it jazak allah khairun

Anonymous said...

My wife and me have seperated,her family have come between us and I don't know what to do! All of a sudden my wife has turned against me and I haven't done anything wrong. I do want my wife back as I know its her family who have turned her against me. Her family have even managed to pursuade her that our nikkah isn't valid. I'm really stressed out and don't knw what to do she is 8months pregnant and I wish my wife to come back to me and be a family again! Please reply to me ASAP

Anonymous said...

Asalaam as aliakum how are u doing?

I need Ur help badly my boyfriend was mad at me and call cops on me and I have order I cannot call him on his Job and home anywhere I just called back his dad and his little sister was yelling at me...actually we both love each others a lot and I been aggressive with him on ramadan and he got mad at me I just want u tell me how I bring back my lost love... I just need badly help please help me out thank u

waqas said...

sir i like one girl and in a relationship with her from 6 years we want to marry each other but from last 14 months one of her cousin named afaq ahmed send marriage proposal to her home which her family first accept and now reject because of some reasons but afaq and his family is not leaving them and forcing them to marry their daughter with their son afaq sir i want to know whether me and uzma can get marry or not and if we do get marry how will be our marriage life this guy is not leaving us give us some dua or taweez for us so he can leave us

Anonymous said...


My friend loved a girl alot and he helped her alot in all aspects, but now she cheated my friend alot. now she married another guy. now my friend is crying alot.

is it possible to get her back..? what we have to do.. please suggest us. . . .

Tanima said...


I am in love with my friend who loves me but he is confused. We are in a relationship but he is scared and wants to call it off. He is a blessing in my life and I don't want to lose him. He has changed and it is like I don't know him. Now we are not meeting. I do not know his mothers name. Can you please suggest me anything which will bring my love back to me? Please.

Sameer said...

Salam. how r u.
I need images of talism from you.If there is more then one enemy or many enemies of a person and he wants seperate or adawat between them but he is ill and cant read ur amal of adawat after salah 5 for this send a talism to divide enemies from each other without giving harm to him by his enemies side.
It's use should be simple and less one time in day or even more but only burn to talism or any easy use of this talism.

Also send me an image of a talism to bring back angry wife to home and make fully fall in love with her husband.If her husband cant use this talism due to lack of time so any other person of this man use this talism to bring his wife back to home again.
It's use also should be easy.after she come back to home they both love each other forever.but first she must contact with her husband.Need this talism.

Also send me a talism to remove hurdles in job of any person.any one in home use this for the person who is having problems in job like he want's high salary job according to his wish where he applied and they hire hime by their own.also like he is working some where but having problem there from staff and boss and problems stop from the staff and boss.
it's use should be easy short and any one from home can do it for the person who looking for job or having problems in job.coz he is whole day busy in job and finding jobs outside home that's why other use this for him.

The last one send me a talism to cure any and all diseases without any bad effect and it also remove magic etc.use should be easy drink it or put it in room or hang at door etc.
waiting for your reply.

zahra said...

Salam alaykum,
I wanted to do this talisman where you burn the print out after namaze fajr, but I was wondering if anything bad will happen to me? I'm scared of this whole burning thing... So I was wondering if it's gonna affect me in a bad way or is it safe to do it.
I really need this so please reply. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I have gone through ya blog once, I am writing this mail to seek a guidance in one of my personal matter, I am 23 years old male, I had been married to the girl I loved on July 18 2013, we are from different countries, she did fall in love with me through Facebook conversation in a group names understanding Islam and understanding al Quran, rather I am the admin if those group, I go through islamic shariah very strictly in my life. She did ishtaqara and felt she is guided to marry me, though I didnt had faith on her dreams and rather performed ishtaqara and one night I dream Prophet Saw was marrying her to me, and gradually my heart also was ready to marry her, crossing many obstacles I finally married despite many flaws and drawbacks, anyways that's a long story, and due to visa problems the marriage was conducted online Nikah and than I was supposed to visit her family and bring her but suddenly things changed as suddenly onedayher family stopped all conversation with me and I guess they also stopped her all contacts from me, I received a notice of khula from court. The matter is that after marriage I have fallen in extreme love with my wife and I want her back in my life, I am unable to even think of second marriage, with the witness of Allah , ALHAMDULLILLAH I am completely chaste and I never even felt into these love affairs, I was strictly against love before marriage and love marriage. Now my parents are forcing me to marry other girls but dear brother I am unable to even imagine any other girl as my wife, I don't even want any girl other than her utter my name. I had many dreams and I did ISHTAQRA many times and after all my heart is contented to get her back only, her family is not so islamic though she is islamic and her family calls me extremist in Islam. They allow free mixing of cousins and all. Please suggest me anyways in which I can be successful. To mention in normal ways its difficult near to impossible to get her back. I am not any aalim, just a normal man with islamic life. I don't have so much knowledge about all ya have written in blogs, I simply offer namaz and read Quran and abide by Quran and sunnah, studying Islam from various tafseer books and books of ahadeeth and sharha of ahadeeths.

Anonymous said...

Salamu Aleykum Dear Brother, i will make it short and hope you will answer me back, what are the rules of doing the wazifa of Ikhlas which is mention in the book of Ahmad bin ali al bunni, should the person who do that protect him self during the wazifa of ikhlas? if yes how can he protect himself that nobody can disturb the person or better to say that nobody of the unseen punish the person...

thank you.

altaf said...

Hi, I want someone to fall in love with me and get married to them. I read the dua that needs to be written on paper and then put into water overnight but there is no way that I can have this person drink this water. Is there any dua that I actually have to read only or something similar for this to happen?

Anonymous said...

As salaam alaikum,

I want to marry a person whom I love. Before even he used to love me. Now suddenly he says that he will marry to whom ever his parents and relatives tell. My only aim is to have a halaal relationship through Nikaah and live only with him forever in Jannah. please suggest me something such that he,his parents and relatives happily marry him to me.


shaukath said...

My wife left me last year december. Since then she is refusing to come to live with me. I tried in every mean to bring her back. I want to bring her back and live with her. We are not yet divorced.but heard that she is in a relationship with a guy. I dont have any way to contact her. We belongs to two differnt island. So it is very difficuilt to visit her and bring her back as she is not willing to do so Her family also want to get us seperate. But i dont want to divorce her. I want bring her back to my life and live with her where ever i live as before

Anonymous said...

Assalam alaikum, I have a request and a question also. I know that you have a strict perspective on Islam and may not understand what I am feeling at the moment but let me assure you that I am in deep depression and unable to even pretend now to be happy. I really liked someone and they loved me also (no,we did not have a relationship but within two weeks of talking to me he asked for my hand in marriage this year)I was engaged then already and said no. My engagement was arranged by my father mostly. To give a background,my parents are divorced and this decision of my Nikah became an ego battler between both parents and finally without giving consideration to *my* say they got me nikaofyd to the person I'm nikaofyd to currently. All along I kept begging my mother to consider Ali who I liked wh had proposed and who became broken hearted after that and he gave up on me after nikah. I did not give up though. I tried at first to accept things but my fiance was too difficult in his ways and suffered from depression and mood swings. This was more difficult for me.Gradually I became disillusioned.Ali remained friends with me but never expressed again any desire to marry me or asked me to leave my fiance. I went mad.I prayed nonstop.then I began visiting fraud aamils to somehow get ali to approach again so that I can take a stand and finally break off nikah and say yes to him. I regret not being able to take stand earlier But he didn't. I'm currently extremely frustrated and still love him deeply and want him to propose again....can I use your taweez burning amal for it is my question? I'm completely sincere in my intention to marry ali as soon as he asks again if he ever does. This way noone is isn't fair to my fiance even.2nd thing...I tried ism azm..someone sent it to me with mine name on a naqsh made in silver.I gave its sadqa also rs 125...however its been 1.5 month..hasn't worked..what do I recite with it? Anyway..please do write back..thanks for helping with your generous website.....very kind of u to do for free....u r surely sincere and different from the other frauds I went to.

kawsar said...

Salam alaikum my name is kawsar im 19 and I saw your email on internet and I have problem I have been dealing with for a while and this guy I look forward to do nikkah with inshallah I want to know if he has interest in me so I dont waste my time with him. I heard good reviews about you and inshallah you can help me soon. Please let me know . Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum
My problem is i wanna marry a girl. She also wants me to marry but our parents are not ready for it. Please tell me what should i do? we both wanna marry with each other only. Please help me out. Do not ignore me e-mail

Anonymous said...

Hi. Assalam Alaikum. Sir . I wanna ask smthing. Can u please tell me about that wazifa. Amal se mehboob ko tabah karna. I dont know the name of his mother. And can u please tell that surah falaq 10000. Its too much can u plzz tell me less then it. Plzz. M waiting.
Bless u

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,

I have went though your blog..I have some confusions..

I will have to write his mum and mys name only no need of my name?

First name will be ok Or u I should write the full name of hym and his mum s?

Should i Take out tht tawees out from tht water before giving hym?

Shhould I give him the whole water or just few drops should go in his stomach?

Kindly send me the dua dint get it..

Anonymous said...

hello dear muslim brother or sister i just saw ur website about love taweez iam in love with a boy but he ignore me too much so i want to do this tawez i khow his name and mother name i should write how plz can u give me direction i should write it in which day night or day i really want he get in love with me and come back to me plz help me about the amal of love with surah falaq thank u or if u have something els that he should come back to me and call me.

rasheed said...


I read your tilsm mohabbat. I want to seek your guidance can I do this for my wife. She started hating me and interested in someone else. She is in Saudi Arabia doing job and I am in Canada. We have been married for 15 years and have 2 sons. Please let me know, if that person has done some kala jadu on my wife as she was not like that.

Anonymous said...

Do i need to use the same page every time i burn or i need new page for each time i burnt it? And if I do it in the other way where the person should drink the soak water can anyone else give the water to the person i love or only i have to do it? Please reply as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

things are hard over here . I'm 24years of age... I'm in love with a
girl. I want to marry her but my family and her family will think it
is ridiculous. because I have only highschool diploma. my father wants
me to get a university degree before I get married. I'm confused and
scared that the girl might leave me before I finish. there's risk of
zina here. I don't want to fall a victim. we have enemies that don't
want the relationship. HELP ME PLEASE

Anonymous said...

Bhai me and my friend broke up over misunderstanding now he's not talking or contacting me can I do the wazifa for ya wadudu but it's for 41 days can I do this in the menses days or stop n continue after pls advise jazakallah

Anonymous said...

Hello, I saw what was written online about how u help people and I really need your help. I am a 27 year old women who got married to a 45 year old man secretly four years ago. I met him at work and fell in love with him although he is married and got a daughter and although he is almost 20 years older than me. We fell in love with each other and decided to get married secretly because he didnt wanted his wife to find out and I also didnt wanted my parents to find out because they would have never agreed about this marriage. Anyhow we lived together for four years very happy and I was always trying to do my best to make him happy and also to never make his wife realize anything because I was really worried about her feelings and I swear I never want to hurt anybody, I just wanna b happy with the man I love. Anyways last month his wife found out about our relationship don't know how or from who and told him to either divorce me or divorce her and that she will take their daughter and dispersal out of his life if he still want to b with me so he came to me and told me to totally forget about him and disappeared out of my life and now i am lost and don't know what to do without him. No matter how many times i call or send any messages to him he never replies now and he even blocked me from whats app messenger. Please please is there anyway u can help me get my husband back, there r some friends who told me allot about some Moroccan love spells using the quran. Please if there is anything u can do to return my husband back to me please help me. Thank u.

Anonymous said...

Assalam O Alaikum,

I want your help, I really love someone and i want a strong taweez to make him love me too.
Please plz plzzzzzzzzzzzz help me, Allah apko jazai-e-khair day. Ameen.

kamila said...

Salam it's me kamila can u plz help with taveez I need ur help plz thanks.?

Alam said...

As Salaam Ale Kom,

My name is Alam from Kolkata (India) and my fiancee . We both love each other and wants to get marry after 2 years. But from last week She has not calls me and When I called her home his mother treats me of police etc. Her personal mobile no is switch off. Her parents wants to get engage her with some one else. All ways is close for me to meet or contact with her.

I can't live any more without her.

Please help me.

idrees said...


I saw your blog on love spells in islam. Your talisman of love amal was interesting. I am really going through this problem in my life. I would like to do the amal. But i got a few questions before that.

do i have to print the talisman 55 time so that i can burn it 5 times a day after each namaz?
Do i have to burn it fully till the paper go ashes?
or do i just burn light? is it the one paper that i keep it all the way till nikkah?
please do help this kind brother.
thank you.

sadaf said...

i have so much problem and my fiance when canada after one month he didnt talk with me and also he msg to my bro that i leave ur sis he love me alot suddently he changed

Asma said...

Assalam o alykum

i need your advice. i started my job last year in a place and a colleague was happy about my religious customs that i still carried during work (hijab, lowering eyes to others and not talking much to people. i only concerned with my job).

He sent a proposal to me through my senior colleague and i spoke to my parents. first they visited my house then they refused saying that im too thin. But the colleague insisted so they gave me time to gain some health.

However, before the time period could come to an end, they clearly refused and did not even tell why they did so. The colleague's aunty who hated him due to their poverty is now forcing to give her daughter to that colleague because now he started to earn and took stand for his house.

Only Allah can help me in this matter but He will send it through some human source. Please give me some advice, what must i do bcoz the colleague is a very nice person who accepted me despite my short height and lean stature.

Anonymous said...

I am dating a Hindu boy who was looking to convert so we can get married and his mum recently found out about us. She took my jacket from his bag. Anyways now he doesn't want to know me he says he hates the sight of me doesn't want to know me and doesn't love me anymore. How do I make things normal between us again how do I make him love me again and want to marry me and want to convert to Islam again and be loyal

Jannat said...

Assalamu alaikum Sir,

Thank you so much in advance for all your efforts you are giving to help people without any personal benefits only for the sake of Allah.

Sir, I am requesting your permission to use the first tasliman of love spell given in your website for any of my friends and relatives. Sir, may I do this spell for any of my friends and relatives on behalf of her? and because taking print out is difficult, may I write it by myself and use for my relative?

Sir, I want to explain the reason also for your information......... my relative who is also my close friend, she fallen in love with someone who actually lives in abroad. The man said that he looks for a right and honest life partner because he is very unhappy in his married life as his wife is a cruel lady who always misbehaves and they don't even share their bed and 2 times they proposed for divorce but finally didn't happen because their son is a cancer patient and he is going to divorce his wife as soon as his son's health condition is better.

The man proposed my relative for marriage but he also requested to keep this hidden until he files for divorce from his previous wife. Finally the man and my relative got married alone and kept hidden from family. One thing my relative said me that after marriage they didn't have any physical connection because they didn't have any opportunity. But now suddenly the man is vanished without notice, he is not communicating in any way, not even replying my relative. she honestly loves him and crying silently always for him but can't inform family as she promised him to keep hidden when they were getting married. now another problem is her parent is going to fix her marriage to someone else so she is feeling helpless and continuously trying to communicate with him and crying but getting no reply from his side.

I will be thankful to you if you give me permission and tell me the rules that I need to follow. Please reply me as soon possible by you.

With thanks and honest respect to you,

Anonymous said...

i want to ask one question that why human extract dirt by urine and stole and other dirt why human natur is dirt so human is dirt? only and nothing if ALLAH made HUMAN then why dirt in HUMAN?????? ITS MEAN ALLAH IS WORNG ALLAH IS NOTHING AND QURAN IS FAKE PROVE IT WHERE IS ALLAH TABRAK TALAH I ASK WHERE IS KUDANWAND KAREEM WHAT THE PURPSE OF LIFE JUST DIR AND SPRED AND ETRCT AND ---DIRT OF BODIES AND AND WASTE SHIT ON THIS SHIT OF INSAN SHIT SHIT OF ASH HUMAN KUDA..GOD?

Aakif said...

As Salam o Alaykum,

I am writing to you to request your support in being able to stay consistent in my love and to never have my love reduced but become more worthy of being loved back by the lady I have chosen. I have been told multiple times by her now that she doesn't want to be with me, as the same would lead to social embarrassment for her and both our families for she being a non-muslim. To me, she has been created by the same God as me and believe that my love is correct and worth every effort. I even offered Umrah recently on her behalf just after I did my first Umrah of life considering her as my wife. We even accepted each other as partners once wherein we had the angels and daemons as the witnesses to it, however she would deny the same now. I request your support in keeping my love always increasing, and to be able to keep up to my words, and to become worthy of her love by virtue of physical appearance, mental ability and emotional connect.

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