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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Does Islam allow pre-marital sex?

Assalam oalaikum,

Islam strictly forbids pre-marital sex between a man and a woman. Allah (SWT) says in the holy Quran:

21 O ye who believe! follow not Satan's footsteps: if any will follow the footsteps of Satan, he will (but) command what is shameful and wrong: and were it not for the grace and mercy of Allah on you, not one of you would ever have been pure: but Allah doth purify whom He pleases: and Allah is One Who hears and knows (all things).

Surah noor chaptor no 24 verse no 21
68 They said: "Beseech on our behalf Thy Lord to make plain to us what (heifer) it is!" He said; "He says: The heifer should be neither too old nor too young, but of middling age. Now do what ye are commanded!"

Surah bakarah verse no 68

5Who abstain from sex,
surah al muminoon chaptor no 23 verse no 5

Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that will make for greater purity for them: And Allah is well acquainted with all that they do.

surah noor chaptor no 24 verse no 30

32Nor come nigh to adultery: for it is a shameful (deed) and an evil, opening the road (to other evils).

surah al isra chaptor no 17 verse no 32

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Samina said...

Assalam Alaikum,

Please can you help me. I need my husband to love me and forget about his first wife. I really love my husband. Please can you give me a doa or a please tell me how to make a taweez.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Salaam Brother

Brother i am involve from last 3 years. me and my beloved one we were in love from last 3 years.
she loved me too much. we used to talk 24 hours a day. all the day and night. she is student and i m student as well.

i just want to marry her that's all i want. i am not like others who play with girls brother i really love her.
i went to many people they took my money but they didn't do anything because they were liars. they all lied to me that i will do this and this but they didn't do anything.

from last 18 months one and half year i didn't talk with the girls because she went for other guy without any reason. she didn't say any reason she just changed her mobile number and stopped contacting me but i don't know why.
but nowadays i feel like i am burning without her. i really really lover her and i want to marry her.

i saw your posts on internet. then i thought lets see that can this brother help me or not.
brother plz can you do something for me plzzzzz. i am nearly going to kill myself because of that girl.
brother i need ur help help me.
if you need any information i will give it to you.

can you please make any powerful thing like taweez,tilsum or anything else like burning something.
brother she lives far from me about 100 miles away.

fatima said...

I want to do ya wadoodo amal..i have to start from thursday or i can start from any day? And can i do it in periods days after every azaan or i should stop doing it in those days? And i just have to keep his picture in front of me or i have to do dam on his picture after wazifa?

arifa said...

Assalam o alaikum

I am very pleased to know that you do Istikhaara for people. Jazak Allah. May Allah rewards you for this. My problem is i liked a man and he liked me as well but his parents just forced him to marry his cousin due to family problems. They did not agree to what he said and told him we will not keep any relation with you if you dont marry the girl we hav selected. He was forced but i have gone under major depression because of that. I did istikhaara for us when he was not married and i got very good signs from Allah. I am so confused with what happened. I just want my heart at peace now. I pray 5 times Alhumdullilah. Can you please make istikhaara on this as sometimes i still feel he would come back to me because his wife does not treat him good most of the times. Please help me with this i want a clear direction from Allah. I pray all the time to show me a way and give me patience. Please make istikhaara for me. May Allah reward you for this causse
Jazak Allah.

aysha said...

Assalamu alaikum..i am aysha..i need your help..i love 1 boy a lot..his parents and my parents are not agreeing us each other to marry..and he have elder brother and younger sistr to marry still, but my parents are searching proposals for me, i cant marry anyone else than that guy, i love a lot, plz help me, plz give any tips that i can make him to take me from here abd marry me..

ghazala said...

I love a person whom i truely want to get married but he got engaged with his cousin sis on his parents choice, he refused much from his side but all in vain, nobody know about our relationship we have kept it between us only, i always pray to allah to forgive me and make him my spouse as i love him .........everything is possible in the eyes of allah I need ur help please for god sake give me any taweez which will break his engagement and after that it will become easy for us to get married..... Whatever information u need i will tell u everything but i want to get married to him anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Asalam Alikum,
Dear Brother my Allah has created u to help muslim brothers and sisters with thier problems, i have a problem in my life and i love a boy it might be something funny for you brother but i really love him from my heart i am from a good family we both were in love with eachother but now he is ignoring me brother i live in Australia he is also in here i want u to give me a tawiz or wazefa to then he can come back to me and if allah wants we can get married please please i want to have your phone number as well and it dosent matter how much ur fee is i can send money anywhere u want please i need help!!! Thanks

Anonymous said...


I am in love with someone. We were friends for just 2-3 months....when things started getting emotional, he finished everything and stopped picking my calls or does not meet me. I don't know his mother's name and cannot give him anything to drink. Is there any way he can come back to me....I need help. I am in love with him and its been 2 months since i have spoken to him or met him. I miss him everyday and killing myself internally.

Please help me in the name of God Almighty....

ali said...

Asaalamu Alaykum

I really like this girl who i have known for some time, we are good friends, we care for each other and get on very well but she does not intend to get married.

She has told me she is thinking about it and she will let me know if she has a change of heart.

I intend to InshaAllah get married and live a islamic life according to Quran and Hadeeth, i have done dua e istikhara and i feel she is the right woman.

I have read you have dealt which situations similar to mine and can help, with the knowledge and skills Allah has blessed you with please can you provide some assistance or advice.

i eagerly await your responce, very much appreciated

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with a women about 7 Years older than me but I love her and there's no one who can love her like me and as she's not married and if she marries me I will do anything to keep her happy. But she has a boyfriend and that man is not the right choice of her. I want her to be happy and want her to find the right person and be under constant blessing of Allah. She doesn't love me as i love her. Is there any possible chance I can help her find the right choice as I really want her to have a good life. Please help me

Anonymous said...

Salam Amel sahib,
I want to get marry to this person but his family specially mom is very control over him, so plz tell me wazeefa so we get married with out any problems and his whole family get agree. Plz help me . Salam

zara said...

hi sir,
i need ur help i love a boy who is from pakistan and i am from india we work together in a gulf country,
he says that his marrige is fixed to his cousin ,but he loves me and he doesnt't want to break his marrige
this is so frustrating and i got low blood pressure because of that
please help me what shud i do

in terms of wazifa
in terms of spell or if u can do anything for me it will b helpful

Anonymous said...

To whom it may concern!

I am going to get married to a person i am not sure of this. He has lot of flaws like he is greedy and wants to spend nothing and always wants me to spend my money. I dont know if he loves me but I need to know how i can get him to love me really and listen to what i say. He is very stubborn, full of self and with lots of attitude person but now its very late for me to get out of this marriage.

He also had lot of affairs earlier he says nothing is happening now but i doubt it.

His family is very greedy every next day i get request that we want furniture we want this we want that.

Could you please help me in such a way that he loves only me and listens only to me. Also something that could help me and him stay away from his family they are all greedy. So please tell me some dua aur Wazeefa so he loves me and only me and listens only to me and not to his family and stay away from his family and turns out to be a better person.

Anonymous said...

i am from india..working in a news channel...i am in love with my boss nd he likes me too but we cant marry as he is already married but hes not happy wth his thre any chance to get him into my life..plz tell me ..if not possible then tell me some dua which i will be helpful..

Anonymous said...

Hi Amel i was looked you'r web and i could't easily understand the
instructions of talisman of love spell could you help me to send me in
the spell that the way i understand ? i hope you will.
Amel i want you consult me let me tell you i have a girl friend she
was loves very much but in such case i think she want or she broke up
with me and she left the country (Ethiopia to Beirut) but she didn't
call me yet, i want let her back to her country and i want to live
with her my hole life with her i can not live without her she only
left me her full name so please help me i want let her loves me more
than she loves me before ,back to me and call me to tell me my wishes
her wish too i want she always thinking about me .
I couldn't stop thinking about her i can't do any thing i'm only
thinking about her,i believe that if you help me i gonna get free
from any tension thinking of her and get free my self and do my jobs
the rest because i got her that's way i want the spell and need you'r
So please help me i need powerful talisman of love spell which can
be spell by using her and my name
or another method powerful of love spell with the instruction and
method of spell.i wanna nicca with her (marry her) i hop you will help
me .may ALLAH bless you

Anonymous said...

salaam brother

hope your well. please can you advise on the following asap. i have read ur amal where you have said to burn the taweez after every namaaz once burnt what shall i do with paper? also do we need to print out 55 copies and last question due to work i sometimes read all four namaaz kaza so is it ok to burn after every kaaza namaaz please advise.

Also my brother your work is good i want to support u please can you send me ur western union details and i will send some money to u inshallah.

i am awaiting ur reply

asma said...

Assalamualaykum my name is asma i love someone but he is family they dont want to accept me thats why my boyfriend said we cant get married and now he ignore me but i love him so so much i want him back in my life i dont understand anything so pls pls help me pls pls reply me fast jazakallah

Anonymous said...

As Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

I saw ur Amal for love spell on google, pls I need some guidance from u...

I m married for almost 11 years now, My husband and me were very gud with each other until 2012 nov, after that my husband started acting strange like hiding his phone from me, not talking to me, sleeping on my son bed.. He is telling me that he will divorce me everyday single day, I m already diabetic and I just love my husband a lot .. I offer 5 times namaaz everyday and red Quran every day... I don't know what to do, pls help me with some guidance as to what I should do, what Amal should I do to make my husband fall in love for me again like before 4 months... I wante to do ur stated Amal but when I read about the Moakill I got scared so I thought first I should write my prob to u then maybe inshallah u will guide me.... Pls help me Allah will help u... May Allah grant u health... Ameen

I m waiting desperately for ur reply...

Anonymous said...

i want to ask you if you can help me through spiritual methods..

my problem is that i want marry a guy, he is living abroad and a good person by character, we know each for 5 years and he wanted to marry me as well but some third person (a girl with wrong intentions) created so many problems between us or may be some magic that he hates me now.. and am really very upset don't know what to do..

saima said...

As salam waleykum ... I m in big trouble... I saima and one boy are in a relationship from past 13 years... The boy doesnt have parents he is brought up by his sister and she is against this marriage... Everyone in my home is ready... In september 2012 this boy said to his sister that he wAnts to marry me everything was settling down but then again everything finished and now she is searching girls for him please help me as i cannot live without him and i wAnt to marry him... I dont have much time its urgent please help .... Allahafiz

Anonymous said...

Dear i love a girl and we both are in love and want to marry but my family and her family are not getting agree, in fact her mom hate me and even call me kafir, the girl is ready to change her mazhab for me but her mom is not geting agree, i tried tavizez of 3 people on her they told me to drink on her i did that but yet no result :( please help me what to do that her mom start loving me and accept me please

Anonymous said...

Asalamu Alakum....
I am zubair age 22. I had an affair with a girl. My
intentions were good, I wanted to have Nikah with her. Our affair
lasted for 3 months.Suddenly she stopped talking to me telling me the
reason that our marriage is impossible. Then i went to Maulana in our
locality, he told me that her parents have mixed spells in her tea, so
that she may marry on their will. I really love her and i want to
marry her. I offer prayer Five times a day. Please help me out for the
sake of Prophet (pbuh)

Anonymous said...

dea brother
i want to marry abdul bari , but he dosent even meet me nor i know his mummys name
what to do
i want to marry him
i pray evry day to Allah

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum wr wb...i love a boy with the intention to get married with him..he too loves me a loot we been in a relationship since 3 years we also get into physical relationship bt later we realized how big sin we r doing n asked forgiveness from Allah n den never did dat...his family came here for my hand n they wer ready for the my dad before one n half months wsnt agree for this mrg..before 3 days we make my dad agreed soon as he said yes...that boy n the family is now refusing for the mrg by giving the reasn dat they felt insultd...coz my dad has said wrong words for their family..dat boy stoped talking to me n saying clear NO for the mrg...plz sis/bro i need a making a loot of dua n doing a loot of amals to get him back..i want u also to help plz...must b yr prayer or amal will b acceptd by Allah..plz help me plz i wanna marry dat guy..odrwise i ll b lost..i ll b hurt n brokd forevr...

jazakAllahu khair

nazish said...


My Name is nazish and i have some Problems with getting married. I really dont know what the reason is my Parents are very sad and confused. I know A Guy right now but when I talk about marriage to him he acts weird but I only want a halal relation please could you help me out please I feel so terrible I have faith but sometimes I just wish I could die so everything would be over... I ASK Allah Swt everytime for help but dont know why this Guy Acts weird when it comes to marriage suddenly we stop Talking with eachother for days... Please help me out somehow

Regardes and may Allah make all your wishes come true ameen jazak Allah khair,

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Amel,

I hope and pray you are doing fine. I write to you because I have a problem with one of the persons I love and would do everything for her. . She is 26 years old. For a while we had really good contact until another guy told her some lies about me that made her ignoring and rejecting me. I tried to speak with her but everytime I was blocked. Now I am looking for your help because I love this girl more than anything in my life and I would even accept death for her. Please help me to get this girl and a very good Muslim back to my life. I want to marry her. All the days she is in my mind and I can not forget her. I saw your page of love spells in islam. Thought I might write you and ask for help since in one or two of your solutions you have shown on your blog some questions remain for me.

Anonymous said...


I am in love with a girl and she also loves me alot. We both were in relation from past 6 months and wanted to get married, but the problem was that we both are engaged to different people.
So, our families were not ready to agree for our marriage, but really love each other and we were even ready to run away from the house, but her family kept her locked at home and she could not leave the house.
And then 2 weeks ago her dad had gone to somewhere and when he came back after 2 days. On monday i was still talking to the girl on phone and she was not ready to leave me and do anything to be with me but after her dad came back, the next day she completely changed, and she did not even call me again and she told her parents that she doesnt like me and its all over. She changed completely in one night, i cant believe because she was ready to kill herself but not leave me. Im sure they have done some black magic or something to my love and she has become like this.
Today she has started to hate me, and i cannot even speak to her.
Please help me, i dont know what to do, i just want her back.
Even if i get one chance, i will take her and runaway and live happily together.

Please tell me what to do.


Anonymous said...

AOA brother
i want to do this amal for love from ur site of 11 days
can i write taweez by my hands instead of printing it??
plz reply

zeeshan said...

Assalam valaikum,

I am working in a company and from past two years I love a women she also loves me. in fact she was responsible for me to fall in love with her. at midnights she used to sms me saying that she loves me and she needs me. Now she says that she has not said anything and I used to keep saving her Messages, and when I showed the messages to her she said I regret to call you my friend. I have become helpless I love her and she just plays with my life. when she needs clothes she talks to me nicely and then she treats me like a Street Dog. I cry day and night.. I have become helpless. I keep praying to god.

One bad thing she does she makes me jealous and she enjoys it. She insults me My heart Breaks and I Cry. I cannot express my feeling to anyone except Allah. I feel like killing myself

I want to marry her. Please help me.

Anonymous said...

Assalaam o Alaikum sir,

I have seen your blog about making someone fall in love with you whom you want to marry. I am interested in a guy I want to marry who I know from my studies. He is a muslim also and I think he is a right man for me. But i don't know his mother's name so it seems difficult to use any of the talisman. And is it needed to do istakhara first and if yes, how can I do istakhara ?

Anonymous said...


I need a love spell for a friend of mine i am in love with him and he is currently mad at me and does not respond me. I wish for a spell that will make him love me and marry me. I am 24 years old and he is 25 years old. We are both muslims. Please i need help its urgent! !!!

Anonymous said...

Assalam mualikum
Sir i went through your website and i need some help. As mentioned on your website that my intention should be good if i want to marry a girl and i really want that, but she is not interested in me could you help me with that???

Anonymous said...

Salam im living in new zeeland and i dont have any family or any one with me here i have got 2kids and my husband took them from me now he went to court to get my kids from me for ever plz do some tawiz or dua that my kids come back to me..
And i lost my job my friends my everything im living with out money n family i really need my kids back brother plz help me allah will help you thanks..?

Anonymous said...

Asallam hazrat I hope you are okay.

hazrat I am in a very big problem I am in love with some she loves me to we both love with each others. but her family said no they hit her all the time she has been beaten soo many times and she said I cant only marry you when my dad and mum are happy. its been few years now and I am mentally disturb hazrat please give me some advice.
some time she start crying telling me we should get marred. people advising me go and get married our families used to be best friends but now because of this they don't talk to each other now I want that she comes to my house and we get married we living in Europe there is no problem for us to get married. and 1 thing I know if we both get married our both family well be friends again. please help hazrat show me any tavez that can help me jazakallah

Anonymous said...

I had relationship with a girl last 2.5 years. She also loved me lot. I tried to convey her parent but they refused to me for caste issue.
Finally she got married on 31st August. In fact she talked to me on 30th August she was crying lot. Now my situation is out of control. I couldn't sleep, eat, live properly last 3 months. I am trying to go template, meditation. But couldn't relief for 2 min. Her facing flowing around me.
I don't know is it right way or not but can she come back???
Lots of people suggested me this is not right way and some suggested everything is fair love and war.
I don't know about right or wrong but i love her very much. It's very difficult to live without her. I going for mandir for sewa also but god is also playing my feelings also. I tried to friendship to another girl for avoid her but all are vain. Last i couldn't live peacefully. Please help please help if you can.

God bless you!!!


Anonymous said...

Asalamo Alekum

Sir I am Mahwish . I want to marry a guy We know each other for 5 years and want to marry as soon as possible so that our relation become Halal and Jaez. But my parents don’t like him because of his status. That his home is from old city of Sialkot and use a typical word that “kay khandan walay kya kahen gay”. Even though we are also middle class family.

Could you please do Istekhara for us and provide me some Dua for our marriage to be successful with each other.

I shall be very grateful to you. Waiting of your positive response.

hena said...

assalamu alaiykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakutuhu. sir i love a boy and i want to marry him with the permission of both family. but he lives far away from me. can u give me any wajefa/taweez which will do the work by the grace of ALLAH? its very urgent for me. if u tell me what should i do, it would be helpful for me. i hope u will help me. jajakallahu khayer

sobia said...

Salaam my name is sobia . I want to marry we have been together for 3years but all of a sudden since last Wednesday his been ignoring me for no reason no argument no nothing I have been calling and texting but no answer what so ever I have been so stressed we were so happy I wanted to marry him and so did he everything was going fine but his all of a sudden changed... Please help me please. Is there anything you can do to see whats happening please
My full name sobia

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your page. I had a very big test but alhamdullillah i married a girl of my choice which I really loved but afterward her mother destroy the relationship we end up divorce from there i desire to learn more of things like wazifas and wird for love between husband and wife.

Anonymous said...

I am a student.My love a boy and my family also want to give marry with that boy Insha Allah. But that boy has a step mother and sister.They all live together.Though boy has his own mother and sister.But they all are very much concerned and lovable to his step sister and step mother.It really pains me.Please help me to how to remove his step mother and sister.
Please help me..How can I solve this problem

erum said...

I want marry with someone but his parents are not agree to marry with me because I am divorce and he is younger than me but we both want marry with each other please give any wazif for his parents to agree with us.

Anonymous said...

salam amil sahab,

i wanted to find out more about this love spell that you posted.

there is a woman that i am interested in, but i do not know her mothers name. also, at this point, i am only interested in getting to know her first, because she is not muslim. so i do not want to make her fall in love, and then have to worry about marrying a non-muslim. is there something that can be done to create attraction, and getting to know each other before the love spell? and if the love spell is done, will she come to islam?

thank you.

hamilto said...

Hello please l have read some of your blog, l need help. I want to get married to someone l love so much, but her mother and father are insisting. What dua can l do for them to change their mind on me. Thank you

Sharna said...

Assalam u alaikum,
Sir, I have been in a relationship with a boy for 4 years and we were classmates. we really loved each other and last year our parents agreed for our marriage. Everyone was happy but suddenly he changed his mind and said that he doesn't want to get married.we were having some problems in our relationship but it was not that much severe and as much as I know him he is a good person and I never cheated on him.

Sir, now he doesn't even want to talk to me. I can not live without him, I love him so much. It has been one year since he left me but still i can not forget him or my love for him. Its' not possible for me to marry someone else.

Sir, I saw your blog recently and I am wondering if u could help me out of this. sir can you do anything to bring him back in my life? Sir I am living everyday like a dead person. Please sir help me to get him back, to get his love back.

waqar said...

Walikum assalam
Hazrat my name is waqar
i was in relation with a girl for last 9 years her name is saima nasir the relation was pure i didn't even touch her and met her just one time she was with her grand father the problem is one day suddenly i realise she is not as same as she was and then things are getting changed day by day and 1 day she left me but i prayed alot to Allah and try to convince her and now we are talking but she ignores me alot and dont wanna marry me ... my love is pure and she was also sincere with me and she was also pure my intentions are to marry her please help me for the sake of Allah ... any other information u might need is the name of parents here they are :

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