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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

love in islam

Assalam oalaikum,
There are many people who fall in love but they do not know about the concept of love in Islam. They do not know what Islam has to say about love. Islam allows only nikah. It does not allow befriending non-mehrams and going around with them. If you happen to fall in love with someone then the Islamic way is to do nikah with that person.

Allah talah says in quran

If ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one, or (a captive) that your right hands possess, that will be more suitable, to prevent you from doing injustice.

surah nisa verse no 3

If you like a girl/ woman, then send her a marriage proposal. Allah (swt) says in the Quran:

There is no blame on you if ye make an offer of betrothal or hold it in your hearts. Allah knows that ye cherish them in your hearts: But do not make a secret contract with them except in terms Honourable, nor resolve on the tie of marriage till the term prescribed is fulfilled. And know that Allah Knoweth what is in your hearts, and take heed of Him; and know that Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Forbearing.

surah bakarah chaptorn o 2 verse no 235

Allah’s rasool Mohammad (SAWS) says that a momin looks for the following traits in his would-be wife:
Family background
A good character

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Anonymous said...


I am contacting you to see if you can help me get the one that I love to come back to me. We were together and were discussing our future plans of getting married. All of the sudden he changed and said he doesn't want me or anything to do with me. I love him so much, I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else. Can you help me make him love and marry me?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I was in love with a girl for last 1 year, and she and her mother approved our marriage, but suddenly the girl have said that she won't marry me and even switched off thephone and vanished, I can't find them in their house for last 3 months.For last I year both mother and daughter used to walk according to my will and wish. I doubt somebody has done something to them.

Can you bring them back to marry me? If yes then where to meet you?

shagufta said...

My name is shagufta
I want to love marriege but my father is not agreeing with this relation and he is taking me back Pakistan to get me married there and i really dont want to get married because i really love someone and want to get married to him but i dont want to hurt my mum n dad but again i dont want to marry anyone else so i want my mum n dad to except him as islamic way and good way but before all this i want to know wether this person good for me or not is he going to be with life time or is he going to love me or nt please i want to know quick as possible before i go to pakistan on 3rd april i wish ticket gets cancelled but only if am making right choice to be with the one i love. Please i would be really if u could give me answer before thank u waiting for your reply shukria

Anonymous said...

Hi plz can you help me i am very depressed about my husband I had rumours about him having affairs behind my back which i would like to find out for me plz,

simran said...

hello mr soname
i have been dating a guy for dis past one year,but these last few months we were having a lot of fights n we broke up recently...i love this guy a lot n want to marry him can u help me sir...i am from india

Anonymous said...

I was in a relationship with a guy. Though at a young age, but both our parents knows about our relationship. We did want to be together forever, and get married too. Unforunately, he is too immature and is still a teenager, therefore he has an indecisive mind. I'm very mature for my age, and I considered him to be the one for me. Our relationship was pure, no sexual intercourse whatsoever, as we kept all of that till after marriage. We were planning to get engaged, and he made me move to Pakistan for him. I did so, but after I came he stopped talking to me. I really love him, and I want him to come back into my life. I have only wanted one guy my whole life, I don't want to move on to someone else. He left me, and now we do not talk. He is with some other girl and I really hurt. He used to really love me, and I want to spend my life with him. I saw your love talisman but I couldn't understand it properly. I am a Muslim Alhamdullilah. Can you please explain what I should do for the talisman?

Anonymous said...

Asalamu alaikum... I want to know about Talisman of love which u have provided in ur website which one has to burn after every nimaz for 11 days or till target of getting nikah is fulfilled... I want to get married with a guy who unfortunatly got engaged by force... Im also a practising muslim girl im doing hijab and offer nimaz five times a day but i miss my zuhur nimaz because of college... Can i do this amal so that we can get married... What if i am not able to offer one nimaz a day... Can it still work whenever i offer nimaz and burn this talisman... Please for allah sake tell me how to write names on the backside of that talisman... Please tell me how to write???? I will be waiting for ur reply.... Allah hafiz

Anonymous said...

i have contacted roohani ijaz and many other for help but nothing has worked out.
What i am telling you will be same old story from many others you would have heard.
I am a pakistani and i like a moroccan girl, she has been my good friend for the past
5 years but still not convinced to marry me. She says she doesnt has those kind of feelings yet for me. is there any amel , taweez anything i can do so that she marrys me.
its a halal thing which i want if you can help me i will be greatful, can do anything
i am in touch with that girl for almost every day.

Jasmine said...

Hi there
My name is jasmine and I'm married. My husband is always mean to me and im not clear on how to perform the talisman. A) i don't know what talisman mean and b u said burn it at each namaz and i don't know what namaz means
Can you please please help me step by step in how i shud do it. I dun really know arabic that well. Thanks
Sincerely Jasmine

Anonymous said...

ASk brother please suggest me a powerful wazifa so that I can bring my love back . Brother please give some very very powerful wazifa to me so that he should love me deeply and should not live without me I'm a divorced girl this time I just don't want to go far away from my love please help me. Allahafiz

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum,
I am fallen with a girl and honestly I want to marry her
under islamic law.Actually I love her from 5yrs ago but
I never tell her and never let her know about my feelings
for her beacause she was already married when I saw her
first.As you know falling in love is not in our control
its natural but I always hide my feelings from her because
I know it was sin to think about her since she was already
married.I tried and with Allah`s help I control my feelings
and burried everything and always pray to Allah for the help
to forget her.I was succeeded to do this.We are working in
same company so one day she came to me and told me that her
husband divorse her.I was sad and express my sympathy on
her.After hearing this from her I found myself in same
As I was already fallen in love with her but I burried it
inside but since I came to know that there is hope to marry
her beacause she no more amannt of anyone.NoW I know its not
sin to think about marraige with her.I really like love her
and want to marry her.So I would like to ask you whether you
can help me to make her agree to marry me.I want her same feelings
for me and accept me and believe me and trust me.
Please advise me what I have to do or help me your way.
Hope you will reply as soon as possible.I will wait for you
Thanks and Jazakallah Khair..

Anonymous said...

Asalamualaikum Amel,
I want to do amal of love with the help of surah falaq taweez.
I want to know that can I write myself this taweez on a paper
or I must print same from this site?Can I soak it in water over
night and then use that water to mix with her drink or food?
I dont know her mothers name so is her name enough?
Please help me to clear my confusions.
thank you.

Anonymous said...


I have been married for 10 yrs & have 2 daughters mashallah. My husband was very much in love with me for the first 5yrs. But later I found out he has been having affairs & with many women at the same time. He always has one women that he is very close to & even rents a flat with them. He gets too involved & threatens to leave me if I question him. He spends all his time & money on these women.

I work fulltime & support myself & kids. I do everything myself as if I'm a single mother. He comes & goes as he pleases. He says he doesn't find me attractive anymore & that's why he looks elsewhere. But he has been doing this since the beginning. I'm scared he may catch something.

Can you give me a taweez or something to make him impotent to all other women. To make him love me again.

Or if that isn't going to happen, then I would like a taweez to get rid of him for good. He is a violent man & can get aggressive. Every time I have asked him to leave he threatens me.

I just want things to go back to how they were between us, want him to b normal. If not, I'd rather not have him. But don't want to ever see him again.

Can you help me?

oshna said...


I need your Help to get My to be husband fall in love with me again, he says that he is tierd on our relationship, before he wanted to get Marry he told everyone but know he dont love me, please can you tell me any surah so i can read to get him back?

Anonymous said...

There is a boy who played love game with me for 15 days.
He was too good.he never touched me.
We met two times that too only for 10 min.
I liked him,he said me he love me.
But one day suddenly he changed. I never wanted to marry him.but now i miss him badly.
I cry for him,still i dnt want to marry him because i dnt love him.
But i want to hurt him,i want to.see him crying the way i cry for him.i want him to come back to me so that i can kick him.
Please tell me wazifa

javeria said...

I want to know I am facing misfortunes constantly from last 2 years in every field of life. The person with whom i have commitment and want to marry was very kind and caring to me but now remains annoyed angry and has disconnected me due to unknown reasons from last few weeks. I want him back at every cost and very much serious about him. Please check for the problems, as I am going through high level of depression from last 2 years. I have brilliant academics and highly qualified , still jobless and same hurdles being faced for higher education and going abroad. Kindly check for actual problem and let me know for actual situation and proper cure and your fee procedure etc.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi brother,
Please help me,iam a married gril,my husband asked and begged my father for my hand even if his parents didnt agree,we got married and and within a month we had a reception but in that time i was staying with my parents and he was with his,but when we came back together after reception the love he had for me vanished,he didnt tlak to me properly,he was verey good to me before,would shower me with praises said good romantic things,couldnt wait for honeymoon,but after marraige he didnt touch me for 2 months we were staying alone away from his family,still i thought may b he is under some depression,this went on,he never talked to me properly,he use to treat me lke princes before,but now he was not even looking at me,again i asked hima after6 months is anything wrong we can go to dr,he said he is f9.i knew he is f9 physically but something is stopping him,alwasy he use to saty ok we will go to dr,but he never went saying i dont have any problem,this kept happeneing i satrted losing patience after 1 year i started getting irritated,then fights started happening,i have done everything for him,his parents still critise me still i was ok with that,now he says he wants a divorce from me,as he is not attrcated to me and does not love me,bur he was so much in love with me before marriage.he never feels like touching me,now he has started going out with his office collegues (girls)from last 4 months,i know he is not doing anything wrong with them,but i want him to realise how much he has hurted me,and i want him to love me and get attrcted to me again.has his parents or relatives done something when he was with them for a month.please need help.i love him and want him back,if they have done something wrong to him,its my duty to save him,please help me.also i want him to think of his wife first then about his friends,and i want him to be only mine and never think of any other pl pl help

Anonymous said...

Asalmalikum brother
I really love some one from past 6 years she also was with me we intended to get married but recently something happened and she is getting married in august plz brother i want to get married with her i need help i will always pray for you help me is there any amal, if there is any professional i am will to even pay his fees just help me
Allah Hafiz

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have just come across your post about making someone for in love with you. Do you just write these verses on a plain piece of paper? And also what if you don't know the mothers name? Please reply to me a.s.a.p as I'm very desperate. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am contacting you to see if you can help me get the one that I love to come back to me. We were together and were discussing our future plans of getting married. All of the sudden he changed and said he doesn't want me or anything to do with me. I love him so much, I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else. Can you help me make him love and marry me? if you gelp me i will give you money please plase answer me to see whar u can do...for the love of this holly month of ramadan

Anonymous said...


Please make dua for me. I have been struggling in love with this man named Adam. One day he tells me he wants to be with me, then he tells me he's with someone else. He mocks me when I cry before him, but then he wipes my tears and holds me tight and won't let go of me. He's seems he's in love with me, but shaytwan draws him to the other woman!

I need your help and duas! Please help!


Sara Ali said...

I m a newly married girl and I don't love my husband . Instill miss my ex whose parents betrayed me n my family bec of which I m suffering from depression .. Only the trauma and his thoughts keeps playing in my mind .. I can't focus on present and love my husband .. Can you Plz suggest any Amal so that I forget everything my ex and love only my husband or any Amal can u suggest to my husband so that I love only him n forget the rest past

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikm brother,my husband is working in abroad he told he will come once in a year but I can't live with out him suddenly he become careless and cal me once in a week I want him to come back or take me there where he lives so plz tel me what should I read thank you

Anonymous said...

That guy is a member of my family friends.I had a friendship with that guy in 2012 as we used to talk daily so we became best friends. That guy used to tell me that he wanna marry me because he started loving me but it cannot be possible at any cost because of family matters and our age difference. I also proposed him one day, he was the only boy I had in my life as a best friend. At that time he was in London But last year 2013 in August he changed because some of my mistakes which he don't liked. So I stopped talking to him for a month just for givvin him some space and I thought If I'll talk with him after one month he might be changed like before but his behaviour remained same. He was ignoring me like I was nothing for him. When he came Pakistan last year his behavior changed completely can say after 1 week...
His rude behaviour was hrting me badly so when I told him that YOu're hurting me then He started arguing like dn't blame me for our friendship all these happened just because of your mistakes and I also hurt him because of my angry messages. He ignored me to realize my mistakes to me. He got fed up.
After a long gap he messaged me to take care of yourself so I said give my best friend back to em he said ok fine. But I don't know why he didn't contact me in 2 months and delete me from his account by telling my friend will use this account I'll add you on another account when I'll make new one. But he was a liar because no one uses his account except him. I shouted at him very badly on message and was very much angry. Now he added me on another account and said we will remain friends but I won't talk to you because you hurt me and I cannot understand you. One thing which I forget to mention above that there is a girl, her cousin, may be he's started loving her. That person changes my life by making me sad foreverly. He is the reason that why I cry but I still love him and cares for him but he don't care for me now. I really love him a lot and I cannot live without him and I also know that he still loves me too but because some magic effects on him may be I'm not sure about it does not allow him to show that he loves me...I talk to him just like hi and bye...and noting more because I know if I share some thing with him may be he'll get upset coz of me and I don't wanna lose him that's why I talk to him so carefully...I want you to help me that he'll come back to me like before and I wanna marry him as well I'm student of 2nd year ICS. he completed his qualification and I really don't what he's doing right now I don't know his profession because he make me unaware of his life...I want you to help me regarding it I'll be very thankful to you...God bless you and thanks a lot for understanding my problem... If any other information you need I'll definitely provide you....He's living in Lahore now..I used to live in Dubai but right now I'm in Faisalabad....Mujhe unki aik cousin pe shak hai k may be woh ldki unhe like krti hai aur usne hi in pr kuch krwaya hai kyon k jab se Pakistan aye badal gae in ki cousin ka naam mariyam hai..I want you to seek istikhara for me k kya masla hai who mujhse dor hoe kya wajah thi? unki life mein abh bhi koi hai yan nahi ? kya woh ajj bhi mujhse mohabbat krte hain yan nahi? kya app meri help karenge unhe meri zindagi mein wapis laney k liye? I'll be very thankful to you God bless you JAZAK ALLAH FI AMAN ALLAH
Main uss shakhs se bohat mohabbat krti hon woh bhi mujhse karta hai pr abh pta nahi kya hougya hai unhe main unhe apni zindagi mein wapis lana chahti hon I wanna marry him....
ALLAH bless you

yunis said...

Dear Muslim brother,
While searching for Islamic wed sites, I found your email address on the . Alhamdu-lillah, I'm fortunate to come across the many important articles which are very helpful for a Muslim to refer and learn Islamic way of healing, curing illness related to jinn and satan, etc. I read only a few of those articles and identified Qur'an Ayahs recited. Inshallah, I will continue reading them to help myself, relatives and other Muslim sisters and brothers as well as share the website to many people.

The purpose of writing this email is that I'm living alone after divorce from my ex-wife. But I found it very difficult to remain single for the rest of my life and meantime I don't want to have sex without nikah or to make zina. So I have to find a sahli Muslim woman and marry with nikah in accordance with the laws of Islam. I found that I can make use of the Talisman of Love and Amal you wrote on the blog will be very useful for me to attract the woman I wish to marry. However, I don' know how to get or download the Taweez in order to apply the methods. Therefore, I would like to get your advice and kindly request the Taweez for my purpose.


Anonymous said...

saw your love spell for making some one fall in love with you by surah falaqs taweez.the thing is that i dont know the guys mothers name.what shall i do..??
can i use his fathers name instead..?? and if i use his fathers name should i use my fathers name too or my mothers name...?
one more thing i need the permission from you to do it. look the case is like we both are from different countries and this guy got into my life last year since then we are together but he keeps telling me that he cant get married to me cause he is engaged to someone else but you know what he has cheated upon me and its nothing like this i saw his phone and got to know that he and that other girl are just boyfriend and girlfriend she is from her country and he thinks since they are from same place they have a future ahead and we dont. he doesnt want to get married to me but we have been really close i mean i just cant tell u. i dont see anyone else other than him and i want him to love me so that he thinks about making me his wife and forgets that other girl. what shall i do..?? please reply please do..i cry everyday because of him people call me his concubine they all tell me he is just doing that time pass stuff with me and he will leave me and get married to her cause he loves her not me. plus am not a practising muslim so, can i do that amal..?? can u please give me the permission to do it..see for now i want him to love me blindly and about marriage i want to get married to him but after some time after completing my degree.or is there any other amal for me to do where in he forgets that girl cause he has litreally spoiled everything in my life..i am away from family friends i have no one and i just want him. and is it safe to do the amal i mean there aint any risks i havent done it before n m scared of such things too..

Anonymous said...

Aoa there,
Read many of your amals on net.
I need a very powerful love spell to bring my husband back to me .we r living separately for the last 6 months and he has taken kids too with him.
I want that my husband come to me with love and we live as happy family together always.
Kindly guide me.

rashda said...

a.o.a sir i am rashda . i am going on hajj with in this month.
i love ali nawaz. i want to get married with him.
i am a teacher and my qualification is m.phil english.
a man is a driver and he has no qualification. even he has not done middle.
my parents are not agree with our marriage. i dont want to do any thing wrong.
plz help me and tell me wazifa plzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
plzzzzz tell me how should i pray or which wazifa should i do for him i am much tensed plzzzzz
waiting for ur reply

Anonymous said...

Assalam oalaikum Amel soname

I need your help. I am in love with a strong aamil, who likes me but is afraid of breaking sharia. How can i make him fall in love with me without hurting or harming him in any way. I love him so much and only want the best for him, but i want him to be able to happy with me too and for him to be able to tell me he loves me too, without being scared.

Please please get back to me as soon as possible. JazakAllah

Anonymous said...

i love 1 girl she also loves me....and i want to marry with my gf...but she say his father agree then she marry.....but i know his father want a government job guy for his daughter....
plzzzz help i want to marry wiyh his girl..
plzzz suggest....

Anonymous said...

I met a lady who showed that she loves me so much and wants to me to marry her.

But suddenly, there seems to be something hurting her and making her dislike me though she is going through serious pain for not being able to get close to me like before.

Any help brother

Thank you

Rabia Tahir said...

salaam...sir plz koi aesa wazifa bataenge jiske parhne se mere abbu razi ho jaen jis larke se mujhe karni hai us larke larke ka rishta bhi aya hwa hai or usi ke sath meri khala ke bete ka bhi ,,lekin mere abbu ne meri khala ke bete se rishta kardia hai..mujhe khala ke bete se nai karni plzzzzz help me me bohat pareshan hun mujhe koi wazifa bata den plzz..mene apko mai bhi kya hai but koi responce nai mila...

Anonymous said...

salaam...plz koi wazifa bataden jiske parhne se mere abbu razi ho jaen jis larke se mujhe shadi karni hai larke ka rishta bhi aya hwa hai lekin abbu nai man rahe...mere abbu ne mera rishta meri khala ke bete se kardia hai kuch months pehle...plzz help me

khalipha haruna said...

AssalamuAlaikum my brothers and sisters, I am very pitiful about your problems, the only thing I will add to all d comments is thar never relent your effort on invoking Allah Subhanahu wataala, for he said call me and i will respond to you, and another one is never ceise hope from Allah. The only person that will not inderstand your situations is d one who has not gone through d samething or heard or see from someone. I pray may Allah solve all our problems.

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