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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The conditions of the amal of love

Assalam oalaikum,
The amal of love have some conditions which need to be fulfilled.
You cannot do this amal of making a girl crazy about you just to get her in bed.
You cannot do this amal if your intention is merely to befriend a girl
You cannot do this amal to take revenge upon any girl
This amal cannot be done to break someone’s marriage
You cannot do this amal for any personal gain or for getting some particular work done through that girl.
This amal cannot be done to take the girl for a ride or to play with her emotions

In a nutshell this amal can be done only by those whose intentions are honorable. Men and women who plan to get married can do this amal. This blog has been created by keeping only those men and women in mind who intend to settle down in life. If the intentions are wrong then it is advisable not to do the amal because I have given the moakkil amal that has Alwi moakkil behind them. The alwi moakkils do not tolerate any type of nonsense and if they get agitated then they can cause irreversible damage to the person doing the amal. Therefore, think twice before doing this amal if the intentions are wrong.

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Anonymous said...

sir mai aik larki se shadi krna chahta hu mairay ghr walay larki se mairi shadi nai krna chahtay q k wo garib hai plz kch aisa amal btaeny jis se isi larki se shadi k liay mairay ghr walay maan jaeny plz answer email kr dai

Anonymous said...

Dear Amel,

I have been to your artical and would like to no something about the love spell.

Few months ago my girlfriends mother did some magic on my girl and from that date to till date she is not willing to speak with me and getting angry when she sees me.

one of my friend told me that she is under the control of a spirit and he told that her mother mixed something in her sweet so control her..

So i would like to know how to remove the spirit from her body and bring her back in my love...????????????????

Waiting for the reply from you.

Thank you...

mona said...

salam alaikum

my name is mona, and i have been in love with a guy back in the country i used to live.
now i have moved to USA and we are on long distance relation, and because of this our relation has been scattering and it broke up
though our relation has not been for a very long time but we started loving each other as if it was for years, after loosing him its just that i have lost my mind and conscious. i don't feel like living or enjoying like before just feel like running somewhere or killing my self.
can you help me plz to get him back, i would really appreciate your help.
i really need him back and want my relation the way it was before.

Anonymous said...

I have a problem regarding someone who is taking interest in other woman. Now he told me that he will marry me, i kept contact with him on phone. As days went by we had arguements because he would go and change his sim to chat to other woman like just now this is the same case going on. He wont answer my calls as he bearly doesnt have the sim in his phone so i can contact him. He doesnt call me. All day long and so many days go by, he chats and chats for loads of hours to these other woman. I have tryed to say sorry so many times to him and try to get things clear and normal but he has ended evwrything with me and gone. I am totally stressed and dont know what to do. His heart has become more like a stone now and he doesnt even care if i cry out loud to him. He seems to have made a relationship with some other woman now. I cant get him back towards my side anymore. Its very difficult.

Anonymous said...


I am planing to do love marriage but I would like to know if this is the right girl to marry and would like to know if she really loves me.


fehmida said...

Assalm-o-Alaikum Sir,
My name is fehmida im 22 years old im very disturb now a days because im exteremly love with some one nd he also loves me
but his parents dnt agree for our wedding and now he is not talking to me he told to my sister that he is engaged but i think he is telling a lie please help me in this matter. i want to marry with him bcz im exteremly love him kindly check and tell me is he engaged or not? and tell me the solution of this problem..
waiting for your reply,

masooma said...

i love one boy but h does not take interest in me i dont give water
plz any other solution for it i want him in my life plz do urgent

Anonymous said...

Please provide me u r contact no so i can contact u

Anonymous said...

Hello.I have just seen your site.I am Mariami from Georgia.I need your help.I have decided to do a revenge spell for my ex lover.I need that person to be with me.We had good love relationship for one year but after 1 year we quarreled and after that he keeps distance to have a close relationship with me.Now we are friends.we meet sometimes when i call him and ask him to meet.If i do not contact him he will never contact me himself.but he never refuse to meet each other.i think he is afraid to have a close relationship with me anymore he is afraid that the quarrel will repeat again if we are together.I do my best to show him that i really want him to be happy with me.Because i have a strange feelings towards him.I feel that he is the very person who is born for me.But yes he meets me sometimes but he is very cold and has not feelings towards me.When i tried to kiss him recently he refused and said that he has not desire to kiss me.It braked my heart but i did not say anything.i try everything for him but he is not going to change.He is like a an iron an ice that nobody and nothing can melt.he is very strange person.I have done some free love spells that i have seen here in internet but as i say he is iron.yes he is iron a stone even God can not change his mind.So i decided to do a revenge spell for him.I want him to be impotent with anybody else but me.I want him to have no desire to meet any girl or to have a love relationship with anybody except me.I hope you do not think i am cruel i am not i do my best for that person who i like but he remain a stone.So please help me Please show me the power of the spells.Love spells do not work i need a revenge spell.Please advice me something.I will wait for you Thanks

diya said...

Plz give me wazeefa for get my love back. He leaves me. I want him back. And want to marry him. Plz help me. Reply m waiting

Marten said...


I am from Marten the caribbean island I have this girl I love very much what could I do to in her ,please help! Let me know

Anonymous said...

do istikarah,inshallah you will get your answer.

Anonymous said...

trouble lease help..i have completed my degree, my problem is that my best friend proposed me and he wish to mary me.but at that time i i wish to mary he keeping distance with me..not at all making contact and fully avoiding really hurts...i asked him the reson,he told that every friends of us may complain ...his family wont allow...etc.his mother is my best friend,she used to call me but now she making distance and i think she dnt know this.

my family is a very straight forward and they wish to marry person according to our he is not all hearing totally upset..for the last 4 monthz n have completed reading quran, fast on many days,used to make many duah....n diz too thauba last ayath and allahuma layin kalbi fulan ibnu fulan kama layinta hadidhi li sysidina dawud aly totally upset plx help....we cant meet or talk directly...becoz of having distnce btw places.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum,
I like a girl. She is Muslim and pious as far as I know. She reads Namaj regularly. The girl does not know that I like her. A lot of boys have proposed her but she rejected everyone. I do not know why she rejected. May be because she did not find the right person. I do not know if I am right for her but I believe I am. That is why I want to perform Istikhara before approaching her. If her marriage with me is good then I will tell my mother and ask her hand through my mother. Please do a Istikhara for me.

Anonymous said...


i am in desperate need of help. i met a guy few months back for marriage through some matrimonial website. we fell in love at least i am sure about me, then he said his parents are not agreeing because of different caste. but i doubt if he has spoken to his parents. but we were in a relationship since then few days back we had a fight and he said he does not want this relationship anymore. Was it so easy for him to leave me? Also we are currently in Delhi and on 8th January he is moving to Australia and in 8 days time he is going back to his hometown. I want him back and i want him to be madly in love with me like i do and once he is back i would want him to marry me. we are not in talking terms now. I consulted one more peer sahab around 2 months back he gave me many taweez like to hang on tree, to thrown water etc but nothing happened. I need help i cannot live without him Please suggest what can be done.

Anonymous said...


actually i really love a girl but her parents won't be happy our
relationship and making problems between us.suddenly she leaves me
without any reason and she hated me i don't know y?but i love HER so
much i can't leave without her any more so plz help me. i just want to
marry with her

Anonymous said...


this is my story
when i was in inter 1st i went to an institute there i met a boy who was teaching computer and at that time i was in need of computer operator of repair so i didnt mind. than he started impressing me and explain me that he can hear what ever i tell in my heart . and he started meeting me near my college .than one day my chacha came to my house and he saw this person and started making stories about me and that boy .than he told to my father than he came to house and arranged my marriage without asking me with my bhai .when i said this to that boy, he said that he is with me and he is going to test me and it can be on my marriage day also.
i wait a lot on my marriage day but he didnt even call me.than my marriage was over but in my heart i loved that boy alot and never tried to meet .and i was facing alot of problems in my marriage because of my chacha he said to my husband that i was in love with one jadugar and my kept all this words in his heart done with marriage and started troubling me a lot and beating me.
after this years of my marriage and i was having one kid .
one day when i came to meet my mother that boy called me on phone i was shocked and he gave his cell number to me. than after 5 days i called on that number and asked him to meet and he said ok .when i meet for 30 min. he said that he knows my heart feeling and he knows that i came to my mothers house . i was very happy and i shared that my husband is in problem and i asked that boy to solve my husbands problem.but i dont now anything what he did or happened but my husband started hating and beating me and not allowing me to pray namaz.than i said this to my parents and thay advice to take divorce so i take qula and started learning my Bcom studies and he started meeting me one day he said that he want to marry my . at that time i was very happy and said yes but he said that he will do in front of two witness and after some time he will do marriage in front of everyone i said ok
one day this marriage was completed in front of two witness i dont now who they wer and after that he started telling me that he is in problem and he need money so i said i dont have than he said that gold is there.i said ok i will give and he said that he will return it with in 4 months but again he said that he need money for taking job than also i gave gold and this time i give money . after some time he said that he will return everything if i give him my mothers land paper than i said ok.
he said me read some surahs and i was honestly doning that.
after one year i asked gold because my mothers wants that for my brother adnission and he started keeping phone of and one day he shifted his house without telling me the address than also i throught that he is facing problems.
and belived that he is my best and caring husband.
one day i forced for gold and money than he started saying bad word and now he with two womens enjoying their money and sleeping with them and he saying that i dont have any proof of what ever did and he not talking and meeting from past 2 year .
one day i tried very and i found his house but he is not coming to his house only once in one month for 3 hours and he living with one women and his mother dont now that and she thinks that her son is best in whole world.
he never let me think about my life.

now i got that information that he dont now any thing because my another qala was saying about me to that boy . when ever i was coming to my house she was informing to that boy so he was calling me and saying that he knows everything about me.

now sir i want my gold , money , land papers and i important think is that i want revenge
i want to destroy that man completely.

plz help me in this matter because now i am facing a great problems and i dont have enough money for daily expenses.

if u want any information i can give related to that man
plz plz plz help me for the sack of allah or for humanity
now feel like killing myself

Anonymous said...

Salaam Brother

I would like some guidance on the 'Tailsman for Love'. I would like to get married to a man who also wanted to marry me but there have been lots of misunderstanding and obstacles on the way. That is why i am restoring to use the talisman to clear any problems and for us to now be able to start our lives together.

Can you please confirm who's name i should write first on the talisman? His or mine? for example: Al-hoob (man's name) bin (man's mother's name) Al-hoob (my name) bin (my mother's name) - is this correct?

I will await your response.


Anonymous said...

my name is Ameena alhumdulillah namazi n pray 5tyms n try to
avoid sins as much as i can.. I have ths serious issue,i really purely
love a guy whom i met on Internet,he was ended our 5 yrs relatnshp by
engaged wth another gal 7months back … 2days aftr engamnt i got to knw
the gal whm he engage was a frnd of both of us on internet .. He is loving caring
and a nice guy i love him a lot n dont wanna lost him … I want him
back … Plz help me …reply soon Allah hafiz..

Anonymous said...

i m worried since 2 months my name is mariam i m 32 years old girl divorced with one daughter . i met a guy on face book in march we taked wth each other on the net and phone .thn slowly slowly our friendship was developed into relationship .but sicne 2 months our communication is lost the feelings become lost .

Anonymous said...

Hey sister, I have the same problem. Have you found a solution. Please let me know

maryam said...

Hey how are you? I saw your surah falaq taweez online and wanted to know that if there's anyway this can workout without the guy drinking the water the taweez was soaked in overnight. I don't see him at all so there's no way he can drink it. Is there anything else that I can do. I would really appreciate it if you can tell me.

Rosa said...

Salam u Aleikum!

I have a question about one of your posts on your blog the "Love spell" according to the talisman. I have some difficulty understanding how to write the names. Can you please tell me in detail and perhaps give an example of how i should do it. My name is Rosa How do I then put the names at the back of the talisman? And so I should make 55 copies of this and burn each one after namaz?
How powerful is this? The man I wish to marry is a relative and is someone I have thought of and I am sure that I wish to marry him.
I would appreciate a quick answer as I want to do this as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help! I will keep you in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Can u please help the guy that loved me come back to me

Anonymous said...

How can I see the questions answers please help.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog on the internet.
I am in desperate need of your help please let me know if you can offer me your assistance. I want my lover my boyfriend to marry me but this woman has done black magic on us and he is now refusing me. Can you please help me please.

Anonymous said...


I have a problem which I need your help please. I was seeing a girl for 7 years and got engaged for 1 year. 2 weeks before the wedding she and her family called my house to say the wedding is called off. We tried to make contact with them also tried going to her house but no answer from them. And she don't take my calls or wanna speak to me.

I also made Is'tikhaarah namaaz and showed its clear. We shared a very long intimate relationship. When she fell pregnant out of fear she abort the baby. I still wanna take the responsibility of taking good care of her.

Moulana how can I fix this problem of mine cause I really wanna marry her, I love her.

Anonymous said...

Asalamu Aleikum Brother i read some of your posting that you post about how to break the majic spellings etc , i was a victim of love and hardship and memory weakness spelling 2 years ago after she gave me orange juice drink i had nightmares that nignt and i had something was pinching my heart that i felt that i was dying i felt shortness of life , i couldn,t concentrate to work i lost all my business i had bad memory and i only think about her all the time but after keep praying my salah and reciting some suras from quran i recovered 75 % and i still have sever bad headache 3 times a week and i still can,t concentrate at work i feel tired lazy , something blocking my success to work and blocking me to do my salah on time and i forget stuff quickly can,t focus on anything , can you please give some advice or suras or Taweez from quran so i can wear and get rid of this spelling i really appreciate your help may Allah Reward you asalamu aleikum Brother

peter said...

Bhai jaan salam in short my life has been changed so bad I was on a relationship with my girlfriend for four years. She love me really really deeply and I love her the same but then suddenly she changed one day just like that now it has been two years and she will not come back to me . I have tried to get hef back by paying molvi pandit and some babas to help me they all just frauds took all money then not help me . I have tried to kill myself but I can't even do that right please please for gods sake tell me that there is someone on this earth that can and will help me . I'm really serious bhai jaan I love my Emily and cannot live without her please bring her back to me I beg you

Anonymous said...

Salam..i want to ask about that wazifa that you posted on a site to make someone fall in love with you...that was of surah falaq i want to know that can we make that taweez and write on a paper with pen or pencil..please reply me soon...

afreen said...

As salam o alaikum......... I just want to know a amal because to whom I love, he is living very far from me. I can't reach there, and I love him from last three 3 years. I know that he also love me but never said it to me, why? I don't know the reason, may be because of his family.
Please suggest me a taweez or any amal or dua, so I can get his love immediately, but I can't drink any taweez to him as he is living very far from me, so please suhgest me any dua or amal for him.
I will be waiting for your reply. For this act of kindness I shall be highly obliged to you.

Anonymous said...

hi,im farhan i have saw your web site on net im student doing masters,my problem is that i love a lady from 6 years but she dont love me im very much worried about that,i want that she start love me more as i am loving her, she herself told me that i love u,i want to marry with her also,plz solve me my problem and also told me that how much money will be spend for this work,i will be thankfull to u,if she dont love me than i will die plz help me.

Anonymous said...

Can I use the love talisman for my husband to fall in love with me
I do everything for him yet he seems to hate me very much and has illicit relation with another woman.

Anonymous said...

I am in desperate need of help ... My husband Waseem Ahmed is abroad and is having an affair with foreign woman ( I saw his pics with that woman on Facebook) .... He doesn't take care of my needs and doesn't even call me abroad ..... I have a daughter from him and very depressed ...

Anonymous said...

Assalamou Alakoum,

I have come across your Talisman of Love and other Talisman in your document on the internet which has interested me, but first of all I will thank you for the help of the Isam, so I will like to ask you the following question,
1/ The phrase AL-HOOB FALA BIN FALA AL-HOOB FALA BIN FALA should be written on the back of the Talisman in English or Arabic words.
2/ Did you mean after evry Fard prayers for 11 days and if you forget one how will it work ?
May Allahou Ta alla continues to bless you

Sana said...

Actually there is one if my cousin who likes me.but ny parents are not agree for our marriage.and i m nt going against to my parents.and i cant see my cousin in pain as there any taweez fr tht?so tht my cousin get engaged somewhere else?or he leave me..some thing like.plz help me.


Anonymous said...


I read about the amal of love with the help on ism-e-azam Ya Wadudu. My question is, is it ya wadudu or ya wadud? And for a girl to recite it continously for 40 days after every namaz is obviously not possible considering the napak days. So can i still recite it during those days? I really want to start this amal asap.. Your guidance will be highly appreciated

pare said...

I just lost my love and i really want him back in my life but he is not care abt me please if u could help me i will be great-full many thanks hope to hear from u soon

Anonymous said...

I like this person and we both spoke about marriage we have known each other for 5 years and all of a sudden all i did was ask her when she is free to meet up and she said we are not meant to be.i really love her can yku give me something so i can get her back

Anonymous said...


I like one person. I want to marry him and settle down in life but i do not know whether he loves me or not. i want to do the Talisman of love Amal and Surah-Falaq Amal but when i am trying to take those two pages of print out i am getting blank pages. Can you please send those attachments for doing amal? Please i want to marry that person only please help me to get those two print outs.

Otherwise shall i write on those two surahs of Amal on blank page and shall i do amal like this?? please let me know.

Please help me in this. My Age is 27 now i want to settle down in life. he is a good person.

munib said...

I want to marry a girl of other caste but parents girl will not accept i want to make it possible can you help me please.

Anonymous said...

I need fast results. My love has left me we were talking about marriage and kids but all of a sudden just wanted to stop. Please help me what is quick to do?

Anonymous said...

Assalamo alaikum
i was in love with a boy & we got married as we feard allah taala.
Our parents don't know anything about this.
Now my husband says that his parents will not accept me as i m from
sheikh khandan & he is from mughal khandan.
So he left me.
Plz tell me what to do to get my husband back.
I always make dua.
Plz tall me some amaal.
Remember in dua.

Anonymous said...

Assallamu Aleikum,

I would like to know how i can contact you for help.

There is a man that i really love and would like him to marry me, but it seems black magic has been done to him. He sees me as his enemy.

Kindly let me know if you can do something to make this man marry me and how much it costs. Shukran

sara said...

salam brother,

i will be very grateful if u help me in this matter. sir, i am in love with a guy since many years and i want to marry him . but he's not agreeing to marry me. i want to do the amal ( which u said in your website) Ya Wadoodu 300 times after every salah along with his picture in front of me for 40 days. but i am girl and i get Menstruation (period) in 40 days. so i cannot complete 40 days. please tell me then how can i do this amal? i really love him and i cannot think of any other man.

Nishat said...

I need ur help urgently..I m in love with a person and. want to marry him
with in a weak but the problem is he doesnt love me,
I read abt amal of surah Falaq taweef but there is some prblm as that
prsn is living very far frm me toh main unko taweez ka pani nahi pela
sakti .cn u please gv me an alternate,please help ..
I wanna marry him before this ramazan and want an amal that will shw
results with in days,
please do reply asap

Anonymous said...

hello ..
I was in relationship with a boy for almost 2 years. and we were great, but suddenly he just left me .everything he had done at that time was not normal at all. one day he was calm and then within an hour he just yelled at me. during our relationship we had lots of enemies which want us to broke up. after a month that we broke up he came back to me and wanted to start everything again,everything were going well but he suddenly again react abnormal one day very well and then angry..once a fortune teller said me that however he is in love me but he is under magic and this abnormal manners are the effects of that magic which a girl spelled for him.Could you please help me if you know a way out of this problem?? I have really bad days and i am under pressure ...

Anonymous said...

I am in love with a man who was also in love with me but has started ignoring and avoiding me now, I am an married woman, i dont have kids. I am going to get seperated from my husband soon as we arent getting along from past 2 years. But since this boyfriend came into my life, i was all set to settle down with him and leave my husband now but at the last minute, boyfriend has started avoiding me, ..
Amel Bhai jaan,...i love very much and i cant stay without him, i want to get him back into my life at the earliest as i took even loans from banks for him in dubai issued in my name. today i am totally bankrupt and over staying in dubai now

meraj said...

Asalam o alekum Sir

this is meraj , i wanna help from you,
i had been in relationship with a girl since 3 years, in fact we were going to marry very soon, but unfortunately had some misunderstanding between us and she brooked up, i am Muslim and she is sikh punjabi girl, but when we were in relationship she was agree to convert in islam n also she learn namaz n doing fast with me last years, now she is in relationship with a hindu guy but someone told me that guy do black magic on her even i feel same coz the way she talk to me n her behavior i shocked how is dis possible?
so here i wanna help u sir there is any way to get back her into my life, m burning and i cant live without her , i love her so very much, please sir help me out, if u can any kind of help it will honor for me .

bilal said...

Hi,sir i want to tell u my prob,i lived in london nd fel in love wth a grl,nd remain together fr 1 year bt thn she started hating me nd put police cases on me,so i left london nd cane bak to pakistan,i love her too mch nd want her to b wth me,plz can u tell me any dua or powerfull wazeefa plz? I wll b thankful to u

Anonymous said...


I am interested in a girl and trying my best to get her accept my marriage proposal but due to my earlier marriage failure which was to her relative she is not interested. I have a local priest (molana) who is trying to do his best to get her contact me so things can proceed but nothing since last 2 years. He recently said the girl seems to be either protected/possessed by a jinn who washes away all the spell that he does.

Anonymous said...

Amel ji

i am a 21 year old muslim boy can i use the amal of love with the help of ism-e-azam ya wadudu on my male friend. i want to control him under my hands because he has done bad with me.

I had my only BEST friend, one boy (21 years) - Hindu

We are childhood friends when we were the age of 5 years. I used to be very smart in studies always at the top. But my friend was not.

Still i helped him in every step.....i did a lot of things for him in these years.

but now when we are about to finish our studies at university he does not even talk to me. he does not meet me even.

i feel now that he used me all these years to help him and now he left me.

i am totally broken that my best friend can do this to me.

now i want to control him under my hands. i want him to run after me as i ran after him. i want him not to be able to live without me. i want him to come to me again and feel the pain that i felt.

but yes, i don't want to harm him in any way. only i want him to run after me and not be able to live without me.....


Anonymous said...

hello sir,
this is lavanya from karnataka, i and my friend loved each other but he belongs to different caste, but now he stopped talking to me and got engaged with other girl of his sane caste since his mother forced him, and his marriage is fixed on October, but i cant imagine a life without him, i need him as my HUSBAND, so please help me sir that his engagement should be broken and he should agree to marry me

Anonymous said...

Salam i need help i love a boy a lot and i want to marry him please could anyone help me i need an amal to do to get married to him in a month. Please reply me soon

Ben said...

Asalam oualekum

Dear Mr. Soname

I hope that all is well. I been reading your blog for a while now and I must say that I find it very interesting and informative. However, I want to do the talisman of love but it's a bit confusing for me. I wanted to know if would kindly be able to help me understand some parts of it. Where should I put my name? Where should I put her name? Should do it only one time or for 11days by repeating the process all over?? Should I burn the talisman every day after every prayer for 11 days? Can you please show me a sample

Thank you so much


In place of FALA.–BIN –FALA write the person’s name on whom this amal is meant to be done and then write his or her mother’s name.
If you want a woman to fall in love with you then write the woman’s name after the man’s name. On the other hand, if you want a man to fall in love with you then write the man’s name later and the woman’s first. While writing the names eat some sugar.
After writing this the talisman should be burnt after every namaz. This amal should be carried on till 11 days. Within this period your desire of making someone fall in love with you will be fulfilled, Inshallah.
However, if is advisable to carry on this amal till the time you succeed in doing nikah, i.e. till you target is achieved practically. After the nikah you can discontinue the amal.

Asalam oualekum

ropak said...

Salam u aleykum

I wish for a specific person to fall in love with me. I wanted to do the talisman which u have on ur webpage. My question is do i print the talisman out or is it enough just to write myself? Also it seems to be diffulcult getting this man to love me as i have tried with 3 different spellcasters. Do u have any dua that can help? Or do u know a powerful spell caster that can help me?

Billi said...

I am happy that finallly I find out the point to solution of my problem to get your email.. I want to say that i am in trouble,, I love a boy alloot.. but his femily wnt to get merry his cousin... please please tell me any wazif or solution of this problem.. wo larki khud keh dy k meny shadi nahi krni is larky se.. pleasse meri main ka answer kren.Allah Apko jaza dy...

Anonymous said...

mera nam sada hai.....plz meri rehnumayi karen zindagi nhi jee pa raha meri madad karen ......apke rply kam muntazir rahunga

Monirul said...

Brother my name is Monirul. Brother I love a girl she is my friends friend. She is Hindu and divorced. With a child. I want to merry her and make her muslim. My life will be impossible without her. I pray 5 times a day. I don't know her mothers name. Please help me. I will remember you until my death.
Allah bless you.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Amel

I have recently come across your website and would really like to use the Mohabbat Amal.

I have printed the script and need clarification on the text that I should write at the back.

You have stated that if i want to rekindle my love with my partner i need to write my name and my mother's name first and then his name and his mothers name.

The above sounds like im saying please make me fall in love with him not the other way around.......

I would really appreciate your help

Anonymous said...

hello there,

i need your help in black magic can i get your phone number please.....

Anonymous said...


with respect here i m saying u that i m n a big trouble so plz help me f it is possible.
i am in love with a girl since 1 year and we r every sincere with each other and want marriage but suddenly the parents of that girl has got engagement of her with her cousin so we are against of this engagement and want to break of this engagement if u think this is possible to break the engagement so plz plz plz help us
plz give me urgent reply i m waiting of ur positive response.

Unknown said...

I need my love to be increase on hr lot lot so plz for god sk help me to love my grlfrnd plzz very mucg plzz

Unknown said...

I need my love to be increase on hr lot lot so plz for god sk help me to love my grlfrnd plzz very mucg plzz

vidhi said...

I need to ask, that do you provide some services related marrying to a person of choice. Let me know urgently. Pls I really need help.

Anonymous said...

I am dating a Hindu boy who was looking to convert so we can get married and his mum recently found out about us. She took my jacket from his bag. Anyways now he doesn't want to know me he says he hates the sight of me doesn't want to know me and doesn't love me anymore. How do I make things normal between us again how do I make him love me again and want to marry me and want to convert to Islam again and be loyal

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